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Top 5 products for Coronavirus Social Distancing


Whether you're needing your customers to stay apart or needing to keep your staff safe, we're here to help!


We’ve launched an entire range of products to help you keep you, your team and customers safe. The current social distancing rules are being reviewed and amended throughout this time, so we have chosen to offer a number of products to help. Any business operating without the correct signage is operating at greater risk, so it's important to remind your customers and staff about the guidelines to remain safe.


We provide each of these products quickly, using overnight couriers to get your order to you as quickly as possible!

Best Overall: Floor stickers. Effective, cheap and easy to apply

Effectiveness pick: Pop-up banner with free design. Eye-level, movable and cost-effective


With a plethora of new products hitting the market, you may be getting lost searching for products. We've collated our customer's favourites here, in one place, for you to choose from.



Social distancing floor stickers (6 pack)

Remind everyone that social distancing is important! Keeping 2m apart is simple to remember and slightly harder to measure! Our stickers are simple to use – just stick them wherever you need. As social distancing reduces, just add more.

Why use Majisign’s Social Distancing Floor Stickers?

·        Anti-slip – safer for customers and staff

·        Bright – We use the highest quality solvent inks that won’t rub off

·        Super sticky – will adhere to a clean surface and can be removed later

·        Customisable – we’re able to customise these at your discretion, just let us know!


Perfect for queuing areas, point of sale, and service points. With a laminated surface with an R10 anti-slip rating. They are semi-permanent and suitable for short-to-medium term use. They are a smarter alternative to regular floor tape. All you need to do is ensure your floor is smooth and clean.

Social distancing floor vinyl sticker

Pop up & large vinyl banners

Choose our pop-up roller banner for a prominent eye-level way to tell people about the information they need to know about. Choose a large banner for tell everyone you’re open, whilst demonstrating exactly how far they’ll need to keep apart from one another. Add details about wetting hands, how long we must wash for and how to dry our hands effectively.

Remember – we’ll design your banner to include your branding – for free!

Social distancing popup banners


Posters & Card payment signs

It’s important to tell your customers that they should try to use contactless payments, sanitise at the appropriate time, and keep aware. Choose a waterproof poster or sign for the ultimate sanitary solution; clean, wipe and keep everybody safer. Remind your customers to wash their hands regularly. Hand washing is an effective activity to reduce the risk against covid-19.

Contactless card payment signs


General Coronavirus Information Signs

For sanitisation guidance, information about how your business changed or for anything else that you need tell your customer – choose from our range of information signs. If you require specific text, design or material please contact us!

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