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Chalkboard Manufacturer - Majisign Limited Majisign Chalkboards are wooden boards finished with a special paint…

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Chalkboard Manufacturer - Majisign Limited

Majisign Chalkboards are wooden boards finished with a special paint that allows for messages and illustrations to be drawn with chalk.

Our chalkboards are versatile with many uses, including list making, advertising and promotions, information signage, quizzes and games, teaching and more.

They are often rectangular in shape and black in appearance. High-quality chalkboards allow for the chalk to be removed easily, so are reusable. They are most popular in the hospitality industry and make useful displays in domestic kitchens or as home decorations.

The first attested use of a blackboard goes right back to 1801! You're probably familiar with them from your childhood school. Just like teachers, many businesses have needs to write important information and change the message often. A chalkboard is a cost-effective way to communicate messages instead of using printed products such as posters, purpose-made signs or digital displays.

If you're wanting to communicate in a specific style, you need to have the artistic flair to accomplish your finished design. For many this isn't possible, so people ask Majisign to help. Majisign are able to print directly onto a chalkboard, meaning that any look can be achieved! the process is similar to designing a poster on your computer. We are even able to mimic the look of chalk!

Buying a Majisign chalkboard is surprisingly inexpensive when you consider the service available. The short answer is that you should expect to pay a fair price when comparing the cost to other products in the market. Majisign includes:

A high-quality, UK made chalkboard
Free graphic design service, if you require your logo or permanent design to be printed
Free product design service, if you need a bespoke size, shape or product (e.g. a product that uses a chalkboard, such as a table talker). This also includes engineering and material costing, if your #1 priority is to produce a product to a specific budget.
Competitive pricing for high-quantity orders