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Clipboards & Menu Holders

What are menu holders? Menu holders are a simple wooden stand that store one or…

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Clipboards & Menu Holders

What are menu holders?

Menu holders are a simple wooden stand that store one or more paper or laminate lists or menus. They are used on the table top at restaurants, cafes and bars.

They are often personalised with the establishment's logo or branding and finished in a colour that matches the interior design.

Most menu holders are a simple wooden block with a slit to allow the laminate to be pushed in. Others can be more complex with multiple areas to allow for a number of menus to be held or grouped together. For example, drinks lists are often separated from food menus.

What style or design should I choose for my menu holder?

If you have a simple menu template, consider using a block-style, which typically holds a single piece of card. For those using complex restaurant menu templates, you may opt for a tiered holder or possibly consider our Wooden Menu Holder, which is presented as a book, with inserts. If you're starting out with a blank menu template and trying out some ideas, our clipboard and magnetic styles are perfect, since they are able to hold sheets of paper. Many of our menu holders utilise standard hole punch sizing, so you can try different menu ideas at low cost without having to commit to high volume printing (which incidentally, if you need printing services, just give us a call!).

Choose a tiered menu holder or sloped design menu holders to compliment your restaurant menu design. For a casual feel for your cafe menu ideas or coffee shop, consider using a clipboard design.

Clever uses for clipboards

Although we've utterly embraced digital methods of presenting information, we've still the need for paper- paper that must be controlled! From traditional uses to some new ideas, Majisign's clipboards can be very useful.

As an A4 menu clipboard, many hoteliers, restaurants and bar managers find that printing their own menus is the easiest way to present a list of dishes, drinks or services to their customers. They simply clip the menu to the wooden clipboard and pass it to their customer.
But away from the hospitality industry and crowded bars, the humble clipboard can have some uses at home, too:

· A convenient recipe holder! Lean the clipboard or have it fixed to a wall- or simply hung on a hook.
· As a map mount for your next getaway. Once your map is folded, simply clip into place and avoid having to wrestle with it later
· Organising garage items; clip your sandpaper, emery cloths or even your treasured car cleaning microfibres
· As a sheet music or tablature holder; clips your music securely (then place on your music stand) - especially useful if you've printed music at home
· Or our favourite; as an ideal counterpart to your household calendar. Safely clip your tickets, reminders and appointment cards (we'd recommend several A5 wooden clipboards)

How about elastic instead of a clip?

Majisign's standard clipboard is A4 in size and is a high-quality clipboard that is eco-friendly; using woods sourced for sustainable (FSC) sources. Our A4 elastic menu boards are a sleek option, as the paper or list is simply tucked under the elastic bands. Often an elastic band is better suited; especially if you need to secure multiple things on a single board- just add your own bands!
We even make clipboards that feature magnetic holding strips and others that secure paper or card that has been hole-punched.

Buy any of our clipboards in a variety of colours and sizes or contact us for a custom/bespoke option.

Custom options, personalisation and new ideas

Each of our products can be fully printed, engraved and stained. Benefit from our free design service - if you have an idea and need clipboards to match, we can make them! The budget range is a cheap clipboard but it still benefits from high-quality materials and hand finishing. We are able to add hanging holes if required or change the spring clips to clipboard rings if you prefer. Our clipboards are typically used within retail and hospitality, although can be designed to suit office and home solutions too. Browse our A4 clipboards and remember to contact us if you need a custom design or have any queries.

We combined our table-talker product with a clipboard and we made a clip menu stand! this is the perfect option if you need your menu or list to be freestanding. The wooden block base can be personalised with your business name or any other brand.

Our newest product is the magnetic clipboard. We place a header-bar across the top of the board and this slots into place using magnets. Its discreet fixing method makes for a lovely chic clipboard. Menus can be easily hole-punched and slotted into place.

How do I organise my clipboards?

Our clipboard stand is perfect for storing many menus at once, which is especially useful for larger teams of servers. This assists with the longevity of printed menus as they're less likely to be caught or creased.