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MAJIsign are the UK’s largest manufacturer of wooden A-Boards, pavement signs and wooden display products. With an in-house graphic design team, manufacturing facilities and print room we lead the market in personalised A-Boards, advertising boards and business signs. We proudly deal with the largest pub & restaurant companies all over the UK. 


From printing one-off bespoke A-Boards to large trade production runs we are able to design and manufacture your ABoard at our UK factory. If you have an idea for a customised or bespoke A-Board then please contact us and our experienced design team will get to work seeing your design from start of production to the very end.

Some examples of our prior work:

Bespoke A-Boards: Reversible Rustic Wooden A Boardswith beautiful logo engravingTailor-Made A-Boards: Wooden A Board finished in a bespoke colourClassic Wooden A Board directing customers to the doorPremium Snap Frame A1 A Board advertising Wok Fresh foodA1 Headed Standard Wooden A-Board promoting property to letReversible Wooden A Board advertising locally brewed coffeeBarnes & Bray wooden a-board with circular chalkboardPlain a-board with high-quality chalkboard

Personalise your pavement sign with laser engraving

One advantage of using high-quality woods for pavement signs is that there are some different ways to personalise your sign. Whilst vinyl can always be applied to any sign, using wood means we can laser engrave the wood to leave a remarkably precise and fine finish -as shown below:

 Laser engraving on a wooden sign Laser engraved logo

Laser engraving can be used to carve an outline or to remove an applied finish, creating a hard-wearing but fine logo. 

What is "printing on wood"?

Traditionally most A-Boards will have been made from wood, finished in a stain or paint and then have their design applied with a sticky-backed vinyl. Whilst we can achieve a high-quality finish, our customers are increasingly asking for an even higher-quality finish for their signs. Our answer is to print directly onto wood, meaning that a crisp, bold print elevates the sign from a basic commodity into an object that fits exactly with the rest of your decor. 

Direct to wood printing allows the natral of beauty of wood to shine through Printing directly to wood for a more natural look For a clean and bold statement; we even print with white ink!

A versatile method; printing on wood can create a beautiful translucent look, allowing the natural wood grain to appear through the text. Alternatively, printing on top of finished components can create a striking and bold presentation.