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What we make

We turn timber into beautifully crafted wooden products. Mainly for use in the hospitality, casual dining and leisure industries, we're experts in wooden manufacturing. 

Our product and graphic designers work together with our workshop and print studio to create some exceptional items. Often produced in thousands at a time, our stock items have been refined over years and supplied to many satisfied customers. We're also able to work with our customers on new product development, which often means exploring new materials, finishes and manufacturing techniques.


How we make it

Often from a sketch or idea, our team iterate through the possibilities to arrive at a design that meets the requirements, using the latest CAD and machining software available. The team applies this design to our manufacturing pipeline; from arrival of timber at our workshop, through various machines to the point of hand finishing and dispatch. Whilst we rely upon a lot of machinery, we also rely on a lot of hands! From manual processing to quality assurance, our team manage the entire production line.

How we scale

Majisign relies on its suppliers to be on-hand to source materials and deliver them on time, every time. From raw materials, we are able to use some of the most capable machinery available to manufacture wood. From Japan for specialist inks to the UK for reliable CNCs and routers, we can rely on the specifications of our automation to make our products accurately and quickly. Operating an 'always on' workshop, we're able to supply our customers with their products exactly when they need them.

How we get the best possible quality

Our team are constantly making changes that increase the overall quality of our manufacturing services. We're still hands-on, meaning that many of our products still require the finishing touches that only a human can provide, regardless of the capability of our machines. From the selection of the right materials, through to technical setup of machining, to the way in which we pack our products, every detail means we're making each product the best that it can.


Enjoy a workshop tour!