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Each of our new Reopening Packs consest of the follow 

4x Waterpoof Posters (Your Choice of design), 2x Banners (Your Choice of design)              2x A2 Sliversnap frames, Premium A-board, A6 Chalboard Easel (Pk of 10)                                   A4 Clipboard Black 





We've reduced many of our chalkboard products by a whopping 20% and we're including FREE delivery!

From entertaining the kids to letting callers know we're not far away, our smaller A-Boards, chalkboards, and table talkers are handy items to have around the home.

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Finished in our high-quality, smooth blackboard finish, our bevelled chalkboards are ideal for lots of uses. Lent against a wall, fixed to the wall, or simply used a large drawing area on the floor, we're offering our A2 and A3 sizes with 20% off.

Majisign chalkboard 

A2 Interior Chalkboard

A3 Interior Chalkboard


Small, easy to position, and very easy to use-  a little rewritable board that is placed neatly in a well-fitting, foldable wooden easel. At just 7" wide, it's just the right size for those quick messages. Alternatively, if you're lacking some level space, the board can be stuck to the inside of a window.

Majisign Mini Easel

7" Mini Easel


Framed, bold, and ever so lovely, our ash framed chalkboards are a durable classic enjoyed by so many of our customers. 

Majisign A2 Black Wooden A-Board

A2 ash framed interior chalkboard

A3 ash framed interior chalkboard


An alternative to an easel, we call these table talkers. They're simply a small chalkboard mounted to solid wood base. Double-sided and weighty enough not to blow over in a summer's breeze.

Majisign A4 Table Talker

A4 Table Talker

A5 Table Talker


Announce your message to all who pass by; this foldable wooden a-board pavement sign is portable and cost-effective.

Majisign Small Wooden A-Board

Small Wooden A-Board

Medium (Standard) Wooden A-Board


We offer a black range of A-Boards, which may be more in keeping with your environment. Finished in the same high-quality, durable and smooth chalkboard finish as all of our products, this line is on offer today in an A2 size.

Majisign A2 Black Wooden A-Board

A2 Black Wooden A-Board