Environmental, Social and Governance

Our journey so far


We’ve invested in new low-energy lighting, including motion sensors. This has lowered our consumption by around 65%

For decades printers have used solvent inks. However, we’ve moved away from this to a water-based ink. This eliminates harmful VOCs, meaning our print products are 100% recyclable and safe for sensitive environments such as schools & healthcare

We’re starting the journey to become a B-Corp. There’s a synergy of values that the entire team would like to formalise into a certification.

Above: Majisign designed and manufactured the trophy for the British St. Food Awards.

We love what we do

We take our environmental and social impact seriously whilst working to a core set of values including:

  • To be a reliable and trustworthy supplier and customer
  • To be fair, consistent, honest and open in all of our business dealings
  • To produce high-quality products and excellent customer service
  • To take care of our employees, customers, suppliers and the environment

We work with wood

As a naturally renewable resource, timber is the most environmentally friendly raw material available today. The woods that we choose to use for our products are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) or Japan’s Sustainable Green Ecosystem Council (SGEC).

This means we gain 2 crucial pieces of information:

We know that the source of the wood is a managed forest. A well-managed forest has been audited by independent FSC accredited certification bodies and meets the requirements of responsible forest management under the FSC. If the origin is Japan, the same is true under SGEC certification.

It is easy to identify exactly where the wood has originated from (the “chain of custody”)

Above all, we’re able to use materials that are sustainable because they are renewable. They are managed in a responsible manner (both socially and economically) and promote environmental issues that sustain a positive impact on the planet. We have built valued and trusted relationships with our suppliers and means that we are able to efficiently source a range of materials to suit your particular product requirements. Majisign confirm that products in our portfolio come from an ethically managed sources which includes the non-use of Child Labour.

Should any unethical practices in our supply chain come to our attention, we will cease to do business with that supplier.

We strive to minimise any environmental impact we have by introducing measures which recognise our responsibility to protect the quality of land, air and water. Our manufacturing processes aim to prevent waste however where we can’t re-use, we recycle as much as possible and ensure we dispose of any waste produced which cannot be recycled, by using waste management contractors. We burn much of our waste wood in a purpose installed wood burner which is attached to the workshop and is used to heat the factory in the winter. This makes for an efficient use of waste and helps to reduce our overall environmental impact

We are an equal opportunities employer who does not discriminate against any employee or job applicant and we pay our staff a fair living wage including a simple bonus system to ensure all staff have a share of Company profits.

All staff have regular breaks and generous holiday entitlements, access to free refreshments and a place to relax on breaks. Our staff are trained in the dangers involved in working with some of our equipment and materials and we constantly review and improve processes, focussing on safe working procedures and general Health and Safety.