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Shot paddle boards, optic clip tags & drinking laws signs. Make a high-impact bar display.

Majisign manufactures high quality signs as required by the weight and measures act. Our templated signs are the standard licensing text which we customise with your name and premises name. It's important to comply with the licensing act, so order your signs today! Made from dibond.

Our wooden shot paddles and beer bats are a hit amongst busy bars and pubs. These not only enable a great way for your customers to safely carry their drinks away but also enables a quicker turnaround of customers at your point of sale. The shot glass paddle can be customised with any print you like; from a "start here" phrase, numbers or simply the name of shot - any ideas can be print for you!

We've recently added a paddle board with 12 holes. We can manufacture our boards to have varying numbers of holes! Our paddle boards typically have 6,8 10 & 12 hole options. For larger drinks, checkout of gin & tonic trays and display bats. They're perfect for pairing gin, a mixer or tonic with appropriate fruits and herbs.

Our optic clips and wine tags are a favourite with bartenders. Easy to write on chalkboard surface make the displaying of names of guest ales and micro-breweries easy.