Unleash the Timeless Charm of High-Quality Chalkboards

Breathe life into your space with beautiful, handcrafted chalkboards perfect for homes, businesses, and creative expression.

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Hand-crafted chalkboards

Dive into a world of possibility

More than just a classroom staple, these versatile beauties offer a unique blend of function and artistic expression, ready to transform any space.

Channel your creativity

Unleash Your Inner Artist

Chalkboards are the perfect canvas for displaying daily messages, grocery lists that double as artwork, or inspiring quotes to brighten your day. Imagine your kitchen transformed into a culinary canvas, showcasing today’s specials or a heartwarming message for your loved ones.


Timeless Versatility

Majisign’s chalkboards seamlessly integrate into any space – kitchens, cafes, restaurants, offices and table tops! Picture a charming café menu scrawled in colourful chalk, or a newly discovered daily drinks special waiting for you at your favourite bar.

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Handcrafted charm

Warm & Inviting Aesthetic

There’s something undeniably special about the warmth and character of a chalkboard. In a world dominated by digital screens, Majisign’s chalkboards bring back a touch of practicality and handcrafted patina. Imagine a cozy lounge bar or family kitchen room adorned with a chalkboard message board, inviting connection and fostering creativity.

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Durable finishes

Built to Last, Easy to Maintain

At Majisign, we use only high-quality materials to ensure your chalkboard becomes a cherished piece for years to come. Durability meets practicality! Cleaning a chalkboard is a breeze – simply wipe away with a damp cloth and start fresh with a new creation.

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I’m a little in love with the smooth finish and inky-black sheen.

~ James, Chalkboard Artist

Custom lines

Any shape

We can manufacture your board, in your preferred shape, to your ideal size.

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Small chalkboard displays


Our chalkboard finish is used in our table talkers, mini easels and small-form tags.

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large chalkboards

Chalkboard pavement signs

Many of our A-Boards use chalkboard insert boards and fixed chalkboard faces.

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