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Snap frames or locking cabinets for your internal and external displays. Use these throughout your business to inform customers of offers, directions or procedures. Buy these with Majisign's weatherproof pvc posters to make a high impact promotional statement.
Standard snap frames are available in sizes A0, A1, A2, A3, A4 & A5.


Majisign's standard snap frames are clean-cut, crisp and minimalist. they're used by many businesses to display a vast array of promotions in all sorts of locations. These metal frames can be used internally or externally and as the perfect frame for photos, posters or promotional content.


Snap frames are useful for those situations that require a contemporary solution to poster display. Simply pull each section of the aluminium frame to the open position and place your poster inside. The frame is then snapped shut, securely encasing your poster.


Snap frames are really useful when needing to change or update posters, as they're front-loading, which means you do not have to take the frame off the wall. This is ideal for managers, supervisors and everyone since replacement is really easy.

If you need to change a message often, the frame is easily opened so the poster can be changed. This is why the A4 or A5 size is often used by cleaning teams to hold their daily checklist. Equally, snap frames make for modern picture frames, which can be quite a home holding the same picture for many years.

Snap frames are available in standard sizes from A0 to A5.

Contact us if you require custom picture frames or consider our range of wooden custom frames.

Stylish, secure and can be used inside and outside. Choose an exterior lockable cabinet for your outside displays that need to be a little more robust.

Grab people's attention with this easy to mount solution. The lockable cabinet is a durable aluminium frame and is available in various sizes. Internal clips secure your poster and are reusable; switch your posters as often as you need.

-Features a vandal resistant 1.5mm polycarbonate glazing panel.
-Each lockable cabinet is supplied with 2 keys.

Widely used in the hospitality industry for maximum impact; simply position them in high-traffic areas at approximate eye-level. They're used both indoors or outdoors, in portrait or landscape. orientation.

Pair these exterior outdoor poster frames with our high quality waterproof posters.

Available in poster sizes: A0 size, A1 size, A2 size, A3 size and A4 size. Poster frames are fabulous for making a retail display. Have a look at our snap frames and wooden poster frames, especially in A0 size.

If you'd like to specify a colour other than silver or black, contact us for pricing on additional colours.