Magnetic Care and use of magnetic signs for vehicle signs


The use of magnetic sheet for vehicle signs may, in exceptional circumstances, result in damage to vehicle paintwork. The following advice is therefore given to minimise the risk of such damage occurring. Whilst the manufacturers extensive tests have not given rise to any incidences of damage to paintwork when following the advice given on the care sheet – we cannot guarantee that there will not be an adverse reaction between the magnetic sheet and the vehicle paintwork.

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  • Do not apply magnetic sheet to newly painted surfaces, especially non-factory applied finishes (including vinyl wraps)
  • Do clean and polish the application area of the vehicle with a high quality polish, ensuring that both the vehicle and magnet are clean and dry prior to placing the magnetic sheet on the paintwork
  • Do ensure that the magnetic sign is removed regularly, cleaned with soapy water, not solvents, rinsed, dried and re-applied. Ideally this should be done daily but at least every two days. In very hot weather, it MUST be done daily.
  • Do ensure that all of the magnetic sheet is in contact with the vehicle (avoid heavily contoured areas) to ensure maximum performance and thus avoid movement of the sign whilst in use at motorway speeds
  • Do not use on body panels containing plastic filler since this will drastically reduce the magnetic performance.
  • When not in use, keep the magnetic sign flat –preferably store it on a flat steel surface to avoid the magnetic face attracting airborne ferrous dust