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Majisign's range of smaller signs and notices are ideal for the publican. We produce high quality weights & measures signs which are usually made from heavy duty Dilite so the appearance is high quality and promotes clarity of print so your customers can read the signs more easily. Out directions signs can be iconic in nature to avoid the need for longer text.

Any custom design is possible. Most popular are our toilets, male & female and simple arrow signs. We produce a range of health and safety signs such as exit signs, (including fire exits) fire doors through to warning signs about hot water and other hazards.

Customer notices can be created and are entirely bespoke- so it's possible to have a formal warning sign or some humorous guidance. Our signs are designed in-house so anything is possible. Currently our dog friendly signs are very popular!

We print directly to the sign, so adhesive vinyl isn't normally used although can be at your request. We prefer the clean look of printing directly to a material such as Dilite or Foamex as this gives you a higher quality finished product. We use UV stable Inks so the signs don't fade in sunlight.

The type of notice is specific to your needs- from safety signage with blue backgrounds to route numbers for primary routes.

We can produce any number of signs for you and there are no minimum orders. Each item is packed by so it reaches you in a safe condition.