Sometimes it's important to display your message above your competition or clearly mark out designated seating or smoking areas for customers. Exhibitions stands and also display stands are often assembled of popup roller signs and barrier systems.

Majisign's barrier systems, sail/teardrop and feather signs are the solution.

The cafe barrier system ensures that customers can clearly see the designated area and provides some privacy. The banner material can be mesh or solid vinyl. The strong, heavy duty stands ensures an element of safety.

Our feather sail teardrop products are great in the wind and weather whilst clearly displaying your brand. The water filled bases provide a reliable and heavy base so the sign is well grounded.

The popup sign is a popular solution for many scenarios. The roller sign is present from trade shows and exhibitions to backdrops for stands corner displays. The robust spring loaded mechanism is reliable and ensures your poster is well presented every time. Our roller banners are expertly assembled by our team. The roll up banner shall include your chosen design- if needed our creative designers can assist you with the finer details, completely free of charge.