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A1 6mm Exterior Board + Free Design + Free Print

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Displayed pricing excludes VAT and includes Majisign Chalkboard Design Services & single-sided printing. Delivery costs apply.

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multipurpose 6mm board

Perfect on walls

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Durable for the outside

Exterior-grade materials with a beautiful chalkboard surface on the outside.

Majisign A1 Chalkboard Cost & Pricing

a1 chalkboard pricing

Knowing the cost of a chalkboard is critical to getting the best deal possible. If you are searching for chalkboards in the UK, understanding your options is the first important step. An affordable Majisign printed A1 chalkboard is £42.50, while the average cost for an A1 printed chalkboard is £83.10 and the high end at a price of £133.43. Most customers that come to Majisign in Bury St. Edmunds are not only looking for the best chalkboards, but also expect to get the best deal possible. Although we may not always be the cheapest in the UK, we believe our experienced designers, free design service and selection of durable products, advanced equipment, and best prices possible give our customers the products they’re looking for. Our immediate goal at Majisign is to be the best display manufacturer in the UK. Take advantage today of our special pricing on A1 Chalkboards by adding this product to your basket.

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Majisign Chalkboards at Affordable Prices

Professional chalkboards manufacturing in Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk.

A chalkboard is an exterior or interior-grade MDF board coated with a black finish, suitable for writing upon with chalk or liquid chalkpen. With UV stable pigments and multiple finishing processes they’re designed for easy cleaning, smooth looks and durability.

What to expect when you need a printed chalkboard

The team at Majisign is here to help you understand all there is to know about chalkboards. Adam Vaughan regularly publishes informative content on chalkboards and shares his best insights on Majisign’s blog, Facebook and LinkedIn to help customers and business owners make more informed decisions.

Free artwork and graphic design

Printed products should be available to everybody at an affordable price. We’ve removed the complexity and costs associated with printed chalkboards. Simply let us know what you’d like to see on your chalkboard print and our design team will create the design for you – free of charge. The only service we don’t include here is bespoke company logo creation. We can do this for you, should you need. If you’ve any questions, simply contact us.

Here are some of the benefits of printed chalkboards that most customers experience:

Consistency of your brand.

Your chalkboard can feature your logo & name, perhaps printed subtley in a corner, or opt for a full A1-sized print of your latest offer. The print is applied directly to the chalkboard, so any area that is not printed, remains as a chalkboard.

Smooth looking

The finish of the board is smooth with a slight sheen, designed to blend in with your space. Our printing process adds additional flare and personalisation, elevating your board to an eye-pleaseing featuer.

Multiple purposes

At 6mm thickness, this board is perfect for fixing to a wall or sliding into an existing A-Board frame. The chalkboard finish is applied to both sides, so you’re free to display print and a blank side, if needed.

To learn more about our chalkboard manufacturing and bespoke services that work to meet your goals, do not hesitate to contact us! See all options when it come to chalkboards below.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Our most popular chalkboard sizes in the UK are A1 and A2. You can read more about A1 and other sizes in our guide ‘A1 size everything you need know‘. Our chalkboards are available in A0 to A6 sizes and cater for most needs. For custom sizes or shapes, please contact our team, as we’re able to manufacture any shape and size that you require.

We recommend our chalkboard surface as it stays black and is easy to clean. Our finish is smooth to the touch and is compatible with liquid chalkpens and soft chalks. We recommend this finish above other blackboard paints, which we find are grey in appearance and too porous to offer durability.

Absolutely! For the best in vibrant colours, we recommend the use of liquid chalkpen or soft chalk. Keep in mind that with our free design service and ability to print direct to the chalkboard, that we can create a vibrant and display for you!

Yes! Simply contact our team to discuss your mounting options. Whilst we don’t supply fixing kits, we do finish the boards to meet you needs. For example, let us know that you require a number of holes, with the desired spacing and size. Many of our customers find that fixing is easy, as our boards are simple to drill and as they’re MDF, straightforward to fix to walls with standard wall fixings.

Also consider one of our easels, for a freestanding display.

Our chalkboards are easy to clean. Regulary use a moist (but not wet) microfibre cloth to clean the boards. For more stubburn marks, we recommend Mr Muscle Kitchen Cleaner. You can read our entire guide

From Dusty to Dazzling: Your Essential Chalkboard Maintenance Tips

Indeed! We can supply plain boards, too. This offer is for a printed (single sided) chalkboard. We positively encourage our customers to look at a small amount of branding on thier chalkboards. After you’ve placed your order, one of our design team will be in touch to discuss your needs.

You can be as creative as you like. Some of our customers prefer to put thier business header at the top, with some stylish printed text such as “What’s on today?”, leaving ample chalkboard space for thier team to write the event details as they occur in regular chalk pens.

Frequently Asked Questions

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