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How to supply existing artwork to Majisign's design team

A lot of Majisign's products have options for personalisation. This could be engraving, headed A-boards or poster and banner design. Our process is simple - and the most important part is that you are always in control and have the final sign-off prior to our team manufacturing your product.  

We want to provide the convenience of ordering products through our website and combine it with some collaboration. This means that once you've placed your order, you can (optionally) upload any supporting images or artwork to your order, through the profile page. It isn't mandatory to this but can speed up the design process, since providing an initial idea means that our designers can create the first draft more quickly. If you choose not to upload any artwork or you simply don't have any then we'll contact you by phone or e-mail to discuss. Either way, our designers will be in touch.

Here's an infographic that demonstrates the process:

Steps to upload information through the website

Below are the steps to follow if you wish to upload artwork to an existing order. Our infographic demonstrates this process visually (click to view full-size). You can download this as a PDF if this in more convenient for you. Below are the steps to take:

1: Log into your account

2: From the My Account menu at the top of the page, select Account Dashboard

3: Select Upload Artwork from the left-hand Account Navigation area

4: Select your order ID from the dropdown box and press Next

5: Click browse and locate the file on your device, press OK in the window that has appeared, then press Upload on the site

6: The website should confirm that the upload has been successful. Note you can download the artwork if you need to refer to it again or delete it if you made a mistake

Click on the image below to view the above steps as a sequence of images:

Additional information & questions

If you have a question just give us a call on 0800 783 5887 or email us at