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Our Table Talkers and high-quality chalkboards are extremely popular with our customers. Checkout our range!

Our chalkboards are available as traditional framed pieces, frameless or in a slatted form. Each board uses durable rewritable paint that is compatible with chalkboard pens as well as traditional chalks.

Customisation is possible so that your business or club name, logo and branding can be printed directly to the board for a complete bespoke blackboard. It's also possible to print and entire menu, using any chalkboard font or style, in any colour, include white or off-white.

Slatted boards are perfectly suited to display a product list, such as available drinks, cakes or other product options.

Majisign's table talkers are a very effective method of driving your current promotions and products right on the table or bar top. We offer various designs; all UK-made from sustainable sources.

Our traditional table talkers (sometimes referred to as "tombstones") consist of a wooden block base, with a machined groove that holds a chalkboard or blackboard face. The main drawing and writing area on all of our wooden table talkers use Majisgn's high-quality rewritable chalkboard paint surface. This is long-lasting and means that time is not wasted having to repaint them often.

Each product can be ordered in a variety of finishes; including light and dark woods. We are also able to print directly to the table talker base or display. This is far superior to vinyl as it creates a crisp and fine appearance, and does not peel! Simply choose your design, specify your chalkboard font and we shall manufacture your talk talker for you.

We also offer poster printing to complement your current promotions.