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ALL CLIPBOARDS & MENU HOLDERS WHAT IS MENU HOLDER USED FOR? Majisign have a wide range of table and menu holders which are ideal to showcase product information and promotions. Our modern displays look fantastic when used on a shelf, in window displays, table and bar tops. WHAT TYPE OF MENU HOLDERS ARE THERE? Our menu holders are made from a variety of high-quality, long-lasting woods such as, oak and pine faced veneer, plywood, soft pine wood and ash hard wood. All these woods are suitable for indoor and outdoor uses, perfect for those who have outdoor seating and beer gardens to alert customers to an offer from a distance. Tabletop menu holders is convenient, as you can move and position it wherever you need. We also do menu caddies and tiered menu holders for those who wish to store multiple different menus or condiments and cutlery. WHAT SIZES ARE THESE AVAILABLE IN? Our range of sizes are from A4-A6; however, we can make them to any size you need. Just give us a call or email into our sales team for expert advice. No matter what size, you’ll be able to do so in a tidy and professional manner. STYLE TO SUIT YOU! We offer a range of different finishes and can also do bespoke! Send us a colour and we’ll match it. Want to make it more personalised to your establishment? We can print and engrave your logo or slogan onto the front or back of the product. Whatever the style, we can match it.