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Use our extensive range of poster frames as the perfect finishing touch to your poster or artwork, or use them in your business to inform others. From a health and safety sign to the latest promotion or a printed picture from your favourite artist, our wooden and aluminium poster frames are fabulous solution.
Aluminium poster frames (sometimes called "snap frames") offer a sleek and cost-effective method of presenting your information or pictures. Each frame is features a high-quality "snap" mechanism, that allows for easy changing of posters. Simply lift each side of the frame to open it out.
Our wooden poster frame range feature Perspex-finished hinged doors. The aluminium range are available in black or silver, with additional colours on request. Our wooden range are offered in a standard range or stains. If you'd like a particular colour, finish or personalisation, simply contact us!

Majisign's wooden poster frame range
Majisign's wooden poster frames are available in a range of sizes; from small wooden poster frames (for A4 posters and prints) to large wooden poster frames (for A1 posters). They're made in a variety of woods; our range consists of:

- Domed: beautifully crafted and feature a domed header. The domed wooden poster frame is a luxurious presentation piece, often suited to entrances of buildings.
- Gold ornate: A traditional ornate frame surrounds a well-made back, hinged on the sides and secured with a closing clip. Posters are held in place with thin magnetic strips (invisible as the frame cover them once closed)
- Premium Wood: A solid ash frame surround. High-quality and beautiful
- Standard wooden poster frames: A high-quality, hand-finished softwood frame. Utilises the same high-specification hardware as other poster frames from Majisign

All of our wooden poster frames use genuine Perspex to protect the poster or print. Stronger than glass and less reflective.

Easy to use and a heavy-duty solution, keep your posters looking their best with our poster frames. We offer wooden and aluminium box frames with lockable options. Our products are the best, cheap poster frames in the UK, offering great displays for your large poster frame and large photo frame needs. Our A1 poster frames are ideal to make a large bold statement with your customers. Combine large snap frames with our printed posters and display them around you bar, near seating areas or in bathrooms. Choose our exterior poster frames for displays next to entrances and other focal points around your premises.