Zig Woodcraft Broad Tip Black Waterproof Marker

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Water-based ink which is perfect for adding lettering and decorative art to any surface such as windscreens, ceramics, metal, plastic and vinyl.

The markers’ waterproof ink means it will not wash off with just water. To remove, use a household cleaner and allow the surface to fully dry before reapplying.

A waterproof big and broad 15mm tipped black Woodcraft marker features a wide tip for making thick and thinner lines. This provides you with a quality liquid chalk ink that is highly opaque, odourless and waterproof.

Zig Woodcraft Black Waterproof Marker

Liquid markers need priming before use – Shake the marker well before opening and prime the marker by holding it vertically against a scrap material and pushing it down. This will depress the tip into the barrel, allowing it to fill. Hold for approximately 10 seconds and release. It may take several tries to allow the ink to flow.

  • A 15mm tip marker makes up to a 5/8 inch line
  • High Opacity water-based pigmented waterproof Ink
  • Internal or external use
  • Non toxic
  • CE approved
  • Porous surfaces may leave a stain.
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