Advantages of outdoor displays & signage

pavement signs by majisign

The most prolific method of advertising and directing people to your business. They’re a cost-effective and tested solution for informing and directing people. Outdoor displays are often freestanding and usually incorporate a method for the content to be changed. A chalkboard, snap frames for posters or an electronic screen can be incorporated.

Every business needs an outdoor display; from illuminated signage to a small yet perfectly functional plaque. Pavement signs are popular as they are freestanding and proven to increase footfall. They are best placed so that passers-by can read all about your latest promotion.

Retail Advantages

·        Cheap to buy

·        Increases footfall

·        Help people to find your business

·        Promote your latest offers

·        Increases awareness of your brand

·        Increases opportunistic visitors

Informative advantages

·        Able to communicate with people at a distance when using a large display

·        Preparatory information increases efficiencies and reduces stress

·        Can reduce risk and increase safety in hazardous areas

·        Helps people to make an informed decision

·        Can provide wayfinding or confirmation of arrival at a location

Design advantages

·        Hints and reinforces a prior message

·        Adds to the ambient style or decor

·        Can be for entertainment

Every sign needs to be effective and requires a design. The design will depend on your specific requirements. It may need to use standard and well-known symbols or have other regulatory specifications. Alternatively, it may be handwritten and artistic, in the style of a business brand for advertising and marketing.

Examples of outdoor signs


standard plus wooden a boards for pubs
rustic snap frame wooden a boards

Printed banners & popup roller signs

an example of a vinyl banner for promoting events
a pub banner for new management
designed printed pop up banner for tesco

Cafe-style barriers

metal barrier system with printed inset banner

Poster frames

wooden hinged poster frames for walls
gold ornate poster frames
metal slimlok frames with wooden framed related display
metal poster snap frame display for walls

Directional signs

directional signs for hospitality
legal pub signs
printed dog friendly sign