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Beat the rain & dew with our waterproof pvc posters!

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What if you cut your promotions & advertising budget by 40%? You may already be doing this, without even realising! Many retailers are missing out because of a simple oversight. 

With it raining on average 13 days of every month in the UK, many retailers, especially those ones that rely upon outdoor promotions and signage, are pulling the blinds over their signs and not communicating with their customers. The rain alone causes many A-boards, chalkboards, general signs, and poster frames of all sizes to become unreadable - right across the UK! With water ingress, many signs are permanently damaged, voiding the initial investment made.

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From wrinkles and torn posters to droplet-filled snap frames, it can be a challenge to pick the right print product that can stand up to the UK weather. Even if you have a hardy frame, any paper poster can still meet its match when faced with trying to repel moisture. Made with the best intentions, these signs below have suffered from water ingress due to rain and exposure:

The solution is simple- use Majisign for printed PVC posters and sign printing. Many of our products are weatherproof although it is inevitable that condensation can occur, given the right conditions. So it's inevitable that you'll need our weatherproof posters.

For poster frames (posters within frames) and changeable snap-frame signs, it's as simple as replacing your paper poster with a PVC equivalent. For menus, PVC still works. Our printers are precise, meaning your menus are just as readable as before. This time though they can withstand liquid ingress (they're also ideal for on-table as they're wipeable).

We offer a standard ISO sizing, from A0 downwards. If you need a specific size, it's straightforward for us to meet your requirements, just contact us

Here's our current price list vs. paper poster prices from other resellers (shown inside the brackets below), all excluding VAT & delivery.

  • 1 x A0: £18.00 (vs. £25)
  • 2 x A1: £17.50 (vs. £24)
  • 3 x A2: £15.50 (vs. £18.50)
  • 4 x A3: £13.00 (vs. £16)
  • 6 x A4: £11.50 (vs. £18)

Those paper prices above are only for paper - add in lamination and for the A0 the cost skyrockets to nearly £40 from other resellers. Click here to order your waterproof posters from MAJIsign


The vinyl material combined with a solvent UV-cured ink makes for a great banner or poster. Here's a section 30cm wide (followed by a close up)

pvc poster closeup

And the pvc material prior to printing; it's slightly textured on the reverse, with a smooth print face


So to avoid the problems of paper altogether- whatever your solution is at the moment our team will be pleased to help you beat the rain!

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