Sustainability on a budget – 8 products to delight your customers

sustainable wood sourcing

Finance and sustainability are related; if you perform well on local sustainability issues and focus upon environmental factors that are important to your business, you can gain a competitive edge. It’s critical to deliver and demonstrate improvements, as well as make pledges and plan your aspirations. Compared to other terms such as “green” and “eco-friendly”, sustainability has much higher standards. Sustainability includes eco-friendly activities and green products, but green doesn’t necessarily mean sustainable

The shift towards responsible business is disruptive and through some research, it’s simple to start implementing some basic sustainability values.

As MAJIsign is predominately a wooden products manufacturer, we’ve many products that supersede their plastic and metal equivalents. With a modest investment into these gorgeous solutions, it is a small but relevant gain towards implementing a sustainability plan for your business. Each of the products you see can be customised (branded) to meet your needs, as well as printed upon where applicable.

Some of MAJIsign’s wooden products

The Premium Wooden Table Talker – neatly replaces an acrylic holder. A rewritable surface promotes longevity and it’s easy to customise with print.

three wooden table talkers for tabletops

Pocket wooden menu holders are a brilliant way to hold lots of copies of menus, leaflets/flyers and other handouts. These are particularly effective when grouped and clustered together

wooden leaflet or menu holder in oak with personalised logo

There’s a large range of menu holders available – click here to see all available holders – our range starts from under £3.00 for a wooden clipboard!

budget A4 menu holder with paper clip

Elastic wooden menu boards – a favourite! Small notches keep the bands in place.

menu holder with elastic fastner

The whiteboard alternative – our wooden easel! Available in varying sizes, they’re a great statement piece.

wooden easel with chalkboard display

Instead of metal and plastic snap-frames use our wooden poster frames! Your poster slides in from the top, making changing them easy. Less plastic for sure.

wooden poster frames with mitre joints

Sourcing responsibly

The woods that we choose to use for our products are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) or Japan’s Sustainable Green Ecosystem Council (SGEC). This means we gain 2 crucial pieces of information:

  • We know that the source of the wood is a managed forest. A well-managed forest has been audited by independent FSC accredited certification bodies and meets the requirements of responsible forest management under the FSC. If the origin is Japan, the same is true under SGEC certification.
  • It is easy to identify exactly where the wood has originated from (the “chain of custody”)

Above all, we’re able to use materials that are sustainable because they are renewable. They are managed in a responsible manner (both socially and economically) and promote environmental issues that sustain a positive impact on the planet.

MAJIsign is able to work with you to design the best possible product. So if you have got a specific need that can’t be solved with some of our products, please contact us and we’d be pleased to hear about your ideas.