The making of the trophy for the British Street Food Awards 2023

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British St. Food Awards

Are you ready to tantalize your taste buds? Get ready for a mouthwatering adventure as we dive into the world of the British Street Food Awards. This annual extravaganza celebrates the creme de la creme of street food in Britain, where culinary excellence takes center stage. The 2023 British Awards were held at Hackney Bridge, London, over the weekend of 18-20th August. 

With diverse flavors and unique dishes, these vendors are revolutionizing the way we experience food. So get ready to explore this dynamic world of scrumptious delights at the British Street Food Awards – where every bite tells a story and every vendor brings something extraordinary to the table.

From vibrant high streets to hidden corners, this event showcases the incredible variety and innovation that street food vendors bring to our plates. It’s a platform where talented individuals can shine, gaining well-deserved recognition for their gastronomic creations. This year, Majisign is once again providing the category winners certificates and that all important Champion trophy.


But allow us to take you away from the food and into our world of manufacturing…. just how did we create this year’s trophy?

The Scottish and Wesh Champions have already been appointed – with thier new trophies!

scottish st food awards champion
welsh st food awards champion

Designing a great trophy for the ’23 Awards

Designing a trophy that captures the essence of street food culture is no small feat. The British Street Food Awards are all about celebrating the vibrancy, creativity, and innovation found in this culinary world. To truly honor the winners’ achievements, it is essential to create a trophy that stands out among other awards and embodies the spirit of street food.

One key element in designing a great trophy for the British Street Food Awards is ensuring its uniqueness. The trophy should be unlike any other, instantly recognizable as a symbol of excellence in this bustling industry. Incorporating elements that represent creativity and innovation in food will help achieve this goal. From miniature sandwich boards to artistic representations of popular street food dishes, there are numerous ways to infuse originality into the design.

The attention-grabbing nature of the trophy cannot be overlooked either. It should catch the eye and spark curiosity from afar. Bold colors & intricate artwork can add an unexpected twist that captivates both winners and onlookers alike. A pavement sign-inspired frame surrounding the trophy could further enhance its visual appeal while staying true to its street food roots.

Customization plays a crucial role in honoring each winner’s unique accomplishments. Each year brings new talents and flavors to the forefront of street food culture, so it is important to create a customized trophy that represents their achievements accurately.

When considering different design options for the British Street Food Awards trophy, versatility should not be forgotten. It should be adaptable enough to accommodate various categories within street food, such as best burger or most innovative vegetarian dish. This flexibility ensures that regardless of what type of cuisine triumphs at each event, the trophy remains relevant and inclusive.

To summarize:

  • The trophy design should be unique and instantly recognizable.

  • Elements representing creativity and innovation in food can be incorporated.

  • The trophy should be attention-grabbing and visually striking.

  • Customization is essential to honor each winner’s achievements.

  • Versatility allows the trophy to accommodate different street food categories.

  • It must be gold (new for 2023!)

  • Instragrammable (ongoing!)

But allow us to take you away from the food and into our world of manufacturing…. just how did we create this year’s trophy?

The Scottish and Wesh Champions have already been appointed – with thier new trophies!

Where did it all start?

The British Street Food Awards is a highly anticipated event that celebrates the best of street food in the UK. One of the key elements that adds to the prestige and excitement of this event are the custom certificates created for each award category. These are carefully designed to reflect the unique nature of street food and provide a memorable symbol of achievement for the winners. The Champion trophy needs to extend into something even more worthy… so where did it start?

Each year we have the privilege of working with Richard Johnson, the owner of Food Munity and founder of the British St. Food Awards.

We call it that, however in reality it’s now the Welsh, Scottish and British St Food Awards. From last year, it’s also European St. Food Awards…. And from next year, the USA St. Food Awards! He’s a man for growth, is Mr. Johnson!

Historically the design had been fairly 2D in nature – meaning that artwork is printed onto a flat board. We’ve also been listening to the feedback. Thing is, a trophy isn’t just an award, it’s got to be able to travel with you for the foreseeable future, so those awarded can quite rightly demonstrate to all passers-by that they’re indeed a worthy and fabulous winner. With Street Food in mind, it needed to be of a good size but not so massive or weighty it would be hard to display. A Street Food Award trophy needs to be capable of mobile bragging. So onwards….

crude barista aboard

Things often have a habit of popping up when you least expect them. I can’t remember why (and it probably doesn’t matter), but our little Barista A-Board was up in the office. Seemed like a perfect foundation for what we had planned…. It’s a good weight, portable and some would say “cute”. It’s a good-looking little pavement sign. You could just unfold it and display it anywhere. Perfect! So-long to over-sized board printing and hello to a trophy that you can stand up anywhere.

Use of high-quality materials for a prestigious look and feel

A few days later I saw a customer order ready to go out. It confirmed the versatile Barista sign was the way to go. For this order, the customer has asked for a fully-painted version. I thought they looked awesome.

unordinary barista sign 1

So, with the foundation somewhat sorted, we pressed on with the front of the trophy. This areas was going ot be challenging, as our attention to detail ensures that recipients feel proud when displaying their trophies and serves as a lasting reminder of their accomplishment.

Collaborating with skilled craftsmen to bring trophy designs to life

Creating custom trophies requires expertise and craftsmanship. We’re well aware that our meticulous workmanship brings each trophy design to life, resulting in stunning pieces that stand out. So how did we come up with this year’s design?

Personalization options to make each trophy special

The custom trophies created for the British Street Food Awards are more than just symbols of recognition; they represent the passion, creativity, and dedication that go into street food culture. Crafted with care and attention to detail, these trophies serve as tangible reminders of success and contribute to making this event an unforgettable experience for all involved.

We created a rough design of what the front of the trophy may look like.


rough design bsfa

Prototyping, testing and “going with a feeling…”

Our CNCs are capable of chiselling and carving out. We quite liked the idea of carving into wood, but after a bit of a test we just couldn’t get the look right. Either the outline of the logo was similar to that of somebody’s front door, or we’d go so rustic, it looked shabby. Clearly a carving wasn’t going to cut it. So rather than remove the material, maybe we add to it. We grabbed a spare board and added various shapes onto the board. After a bit of playing around, we had an idea to cut out the logo so it would sit in front. We’d do something with the “Food Munity Presents” section and again something similar for the “Champion” text. Even with having a plethora of digital gadgets to assist us with a design, there’s sometimes a need to just grab some material and try a few things out.

layered up design

To print or engrave? That is the question

With the logo having some print and it being cut-out, we looked at the text. We could print, but again, it felt like we needed to carry through the idea of an embossed look. We decided that the Champion text could be cut letters. It would look good but there was a worry about how we might fix the letters to the board. At this size, we were a bit nervous about pinning them (with very thin nails). It may work, but we ran the risk of splitting the wood, as it’s thin in the font size we’d chosen. Also, there would be a small hole where the pin enters. So we did what we all do and just put that issue to one side and figured we’d go with cut out letters and work it out later.

Here are the printed logos, masked up and ready to be cut out using a laser – and the results

printed logos ready for laser
cut out logos

For the Food Munity text, we though about combining both looks – i.e. have an embossed look but maybe put some relief into it, too. With our laser engraver, we could carve out some letters. We decided that was a cool idea and we’d get together making a prototype.

Here are the text components. We finished some wood in white, masked it up and got to engraving. In the background, our collection of “CHAMPION” letters.

laser engraved text

Final assemby

We’re so proud to be part of this year’s awards. Catching up with Richard each year reminds us all that we should do more things together more often… and there’s no doubt that the Street Food Awards are growing year on year. With some upcoming TV appearances, we’re always excited to see Richard present the Awards and if we’re lucky, just a shot of the trophies, too!

I’m sure Richard would be delighted if you were to attend this year’s awards. We’d be delighted if you’d like to work with us, too! As a reminder, you can buy your own standard Barista A-Board from our product page. If you’ve a question or idea,  our contact us form or give us a call!

assembly of trophies