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Majisign's chalkboards are manufactured by us, in the UK. Finished in a high-quality chalkboard surface.…

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6 Slatted Premium Slatted Board
6 Slatted Premium Slatted Board
From £86.76 Inc. Tax
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7 Slatted Hymn Board
7 Slatted Hymn Board
£53.64 Inc. Tax
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Ash Framed  Chalkboard/Blackboard
Ash Framed Chalkboard/Blackboard
From £35.40 Inc. Tax
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Bevelled  Chalkboard/Blackboard
Bevelled Chalkboard/Blackboard
From £17.40 Inc. Tax
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Gold Ornate Framed  Chalkboard/Blackboard
Gold Ornate Framed Chalkboard/Blackboard
From £119,999,998.80 Inc. Tax
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Moulded Framed  Chalkboard/Blackboard
Moulded Framed Chalkboard/Blackboard
From £27.60 Inc. Tax
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Replacement Slatted Board Slats
Replacement Slatted Board Slats
£6.84 Inc. Tax
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Majisign's chalkboards are manufactured by us, in the UK. Finished in a high-quality chalkboard surface. This means it is easy to write on with a liquid chalk pen. Our products can be used as a menu display or as part of a larger display system. Our print and finishing service means you receive a quality product, with rapid nationwide delivery.

Chalkboard, blackboards and chalkboard products available to buy from Majisign

Our special finish means that ghosting will not occur and there is no need to repaint your board with black board paint. For the ultimate solution combine our chalkboard and blackboards with our wooden easel products.

Create custom designs and for weddings, birthdays, parties, messages for that special events or decoration. We apply double sided finishes and printing to our boards, signs, mini chalkboards and sandwich boards. Add a table number to a table talker- any creation is ideal for school or home.

Contact us today so we can make a personalised wedding chalkboard for you!

We are able to design large format print for you - please use our free design service.

Our chalkboards can be used as kitchen memo boards, made into menu cases and menu boards or used as a regular chalk board. Our chalkboards for kitchens make an attractive focal point in any kitchen. Use regular kitchen cleaner to remove liquid chalk pen.

We've answered some of the most commonly asked questions we receive about chalkboards below:

Why are blackboards actually green?

It's widely accepted that green is relaxing colour and many sources cite this as the sole reason for swapping out blackboards with "green chalkboards". We prefer the manufacturing reason, however! Traditionally, the original blackboards were made of slate tiles. Naturally slate is very dark in colour - hence the name of blackboard. Whilst slate worked well, it did have issues with cost, chipping and that it was quite hard to remove the chalk from the tiles. A revision was made to how the surface was manufactured in the 1960s. The slate surface was replaced with green porcelain-based enamel instead. This is why many "blackboards" became "green boards" or chalkboards! Majisisgn's chalkboards are black - not because they are made of slate but because we found that the special finish we have developed works best in black, as it creates the highest contrast possible for advertising and promotional messages.

Why were chalkboards replaced with whiteboards?

The addition of the whiteboard to every school and office has meant that blackboards are less used in some economies. However, on cost alone, chalkboards can be cheaper to buy than a whiteboard of the same size. Regular chalk for writing is much cheaper than drywipe markers, too. We can only conclude that whiteboards have become popular mostly based on aesthetics. Practically, a whiteboard can cause less mess as it is dustless. They are sometimes easier to wipe although if whiteboard marker ink is left for too long on a whiteboard, a solvent is needed to clean the board completely. Whiteboards can also be used as projection screens although glare can be a problem. Ultimately we're of the opinion that chalkboards are still a popular choice and haven't been replaced quite yet!

What's the best chalk for teaching in the world?

The best chalk is one that is non-hazardous to humans and our environment. Straightforward chalk is brilliant and is available in various colours. For precision, however, we highly recommend zig posterman pens.

What are some unique wedding decor ideas?

Majisign produces high-quality chalkboard and blackboard products. Many of our products are ideal for using at wedding celebrations. Liquid chalk pen art looks beautiful and works well with Majisign's blackboard surface. From our table talkers to framed chalkboards, our products will delight your guests. Take advantage of our ability to create a bespoke display or you, which may include a printed design or printed text on a chalkboard surface.

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