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Clipboard Display

A solid wood freestanding clipboard for you to use on your tables to promote your products or services. The clipboard display is comprised of an individual wooden block with a groove towards the back of the base to house the clipboard.

The groove in the base is slanted back to showcase your printed menus or promotions more clearly.

Some restaurants and bars will also separate these, using the bases as menu card holders.

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Sustainable Timber All of our wooden products are made from sustainable timber
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On-Site Design and Manufacture All of our products are designed and manufacured on site

Clipboard Display

Use these display holders as a high-quality upgrade to a tent card or instead of menu covers. Use the clips on the clipboards to hold wine lists, as a leaflet holder or general sign holder. 

These sturdy and attractive stands can also be used to keep track of appointments in your home office or co-ordinate schedules in the kitchen by making full use of the slanted back to showcase your messages.

  • 6mm Wooden Clipboards finished in a clear lacquer for a wipe clean finish.
  • Select A4 or A5 clipboards from the drop down menu above.
  • Stable full-width solid ash wooden base
  • A5 Base Size: 165 x 70 x 20mm and A4 Base Size: 208 x 70 x 20mm
  • Slanted back groove in the base to position your clipboard for display
  • Manufactured in our UK workshop

Table/bar/desktop products are the smallest but potentially the most powerful products you can use. These are products that hold flyers, menus, sachets of sauces, sample, cutlery and other promotions. They’re powerful since they’ll be communicating up close to your customers.

Products on your table is where attention to how the product is finished & printed is important. Touch also needs to be considered if your customer is likely to pick the product up. A tactile and well made product helps to convey the overall impression that you’d like your customers to have such as a high level of food and service.

Let's create a beautiful product, together!

Many of our products can be personalised during the production process so that they fit your business perfectly. Traditionally, custom messages and pictures would be applied to a product after manufacturing, however, to achieve the perfect product with a higher quality finish, we need to apply your design as the product is being made in our factory. To do this, we need to have agreed on the artwork. 

What is "artwork"?

Artwork is a generic term we use to mean the graphic elements of any design. The design will typically consist of your logo, branding, supporting images and any key messages. The artwork file will be in a specific file format and it's this file that our printers, cutters and plotters read, hence why it's important to be correct.

You'll either have the artwork already, potentially from a prior project or your designers, or you'll need to use our free design service. Both options will still be quality assured by our print and product teams prior to going into production. Simply tell us your preference from the above options, prior to adding the product to your basket.

what happens next?

Free design service

Your order will be passed to our design team and they'll contact you by phone or email to introduce themselves. Working together, you'll agree on a design ("the proof") and it'll be put into production. Generally, we'd expect a few iterations of the design prior to reaching an agreement. The team are likely to ask you about specific messages, fonts, colours and any images that you'd like to see. Rest assured that you're totally in control throughout the process, meaning the design will only go to production once you have accepted the artwork proof.

Supplying artwork

Once you've placed your order, we'll need your artwork. The preferred method of upload is to do so through your Account page on this site. Within this area, you will see an option to upload artwork. Please select your order from the drop-down and upload your files. Multiple files can be uploaded. If you omit this step we'll contact you after a short time. If you have the artwork and are unsure if it is suitable, please upload the files since our team will check the technical attributes prior to agreeing on the output with you. We'll always ask you to approve the artwork proof prior to production.

Minimum Technical Specifications

Our team will transform your base artwork into specialist formats specific to the media; for example, making a representative design for laser engraving from your source PDF or AI file. We've found that the best approach is to send us what you have and we'll get creating!

How do I design a header for my a-board?

For best possible results, you can download our header template. Please click on the button below to download our template in PDF format:

Download Majisign's A-Board Header Template


What makes MAJIsign different?

Our print and design services are managed by our team based in the UK. They are a dedicated team of creative artists, engineers and production managers that are experts in their field of design and manufacturing.

We have invested in the latest print media technology from Japan so that each printed product is finished to a high standard. The engineering that supports our machinery allows us to scale the fulfilment of your products so that they reach your business on time, even at a high velocity.

We offer a free design service as we want to work with everybody that has an idea! Not everybody has a design or product team within their business, so we'll work with you to reach your goals. There are no minimum orders nor months of waiting for your product to arrive.

We import a small number of ancillary products and component parts but ultimately every product you see that is made of wood, we manufacturer ourselves. So no matter if you want a single personalised product or a regular delivery of printed inserts to each branch of your business across the UK, we can absolutely make it happen for you. 

Additional information & questions

If you have a question just give us a call on 0800 783 5887 or email us at