Welcome to MAJIsign! Here’s how we make high quality point of sale and advertising products

It’s commonplace to make a buying decision based on perfect customer reviews, hardware longevity, free delivery options and lowest price guarantees. If thousands of online reviews sway you towards a purchase it would seem a wise choice. 

Welcome to MAJIsign- a completely open, honest and brilliant manufacturer of a-board signs, chalkboards, easels, condiment holders and other wooden point of sale items. We print too- direct to wood and onto vinyl for posters and banners. No more peeling lettering nor weathered or wrinkled posters – we use solvent inks that are UV cured to ensure they stay stable in all weathers over time. Combine our services together and you’re able to revamp your trade stand, exhibition space, office or workplace. Not only that, you can do so in line with your current branding and advertising campaigns since we’re a manufacturer that can work rapidly.

Our products are made in our factory, by us. We don’t import a-boards or chalkboards so you won’t find us in a price battle that’s trying to sell you the same a-board or blackboard you’ve seen 20 times advertised by other retailers. 

Instead, we can offer you a hand finished, high-quality item that is presented exactly how you would like it, including any branding that you need for your business. Almost every product we ship is personalised in some form! We do variety. If you would like a single item, that’s fine too. There are no minimum orders. 

Surely a unique proposition- our free design service! Absolutely free, for everyone. If you need help with a design, our team will assist. From placing Uncle Fred’s face on a banner for his surprise 50th birthday party, to layouts and logos for laser engraving for your Mayfair bar, we’ll work with you until there’s a design agreed. 

coffee shop pavement sign

Above: We worked with Frank and Earnest to create this board that fits their branding. Have a browse of our a-board range (and of course contact us if there’s something you have in mind!)

We’ll make it, pack it and send it to your address, be it a single condiment trug or thousands of pavement signs for your large business. 

Each of our items are designed in-house and are machined, assembled and finished by our workshop.  You’ll find that we glue, pin and screw our wood together. It needs to be strong and reliable. The spray shop finishes each item with multiple layers of high-quality stains, varnishes and paints. It needs to be weatherproof. Our precision Japanese Mimaki printers apply your design directly to wood, blackboards and inserts in the perfect manner. Your message needs high clarity and resilience. 

We know that you need the very best price. And we’ll do our utmost to price our products in the fairest way that we can.