Display product help for new business owners, managers & designers

majisign at imbibe exhibition

We’ve been meeting lots of eager, wide-eyed new business owners this year. The summer events at Olympia attract a myriad of entrepreneurs and seasoned hospitality professionals alike. This year, (inexplicably more so) people have rushed up to us and said:

“help, I need all your stuff as we are opening in a few weeks and I’ve only just got my menu sorted!”.

What they’re seeing are products that many businesses need, especially pubs, bars, cafe, restaurants, and popups:

collation of display products by majisign

…..each in a variety of finishes, personalised with business names; sometimes printed, often engraved. And the statistics from the ONS tell us that just 2.2% of businesses operate on more than 1 site; each having their own needs for display products, branding and personalisation.

“Oh this finish is beautiful, it fits with my place…. But could you just…..”.

Most products that are dispatched by Majisign are personalised. Once artwork is agreed, we put it into manufacturing for you – and if you need to meet a deadline we’ll work quickly. Whilst high volumes take a little longer, it doesn’t take months and months, just weeks, depending on the exact needs of course.

We don’t ship our core components from China since most people we meet are looking for a perfect product that works and fits with their business and this requires personalisation and branding. A small selection of products are shown below; the slatted boards have their artwork printed in white, which needed to go through the proofing and printing process, whilst on the right, some standard items, which can be personalised if needed.

trio of slatted menu boards at a cafe

Most business guides will tell you that the top challenges are lack of time, welcoming change and differentiating yourself. Forbes says that it’s important to identify where to invest your resources. Read through the guides at startups.co.uk and there’s a need for marketing and promotional material in every industry.

What’s exciting is that we make products and we print too, so it’s possible to get the finished products delivered and set them up straight away and you’re good to go. Easy.

Below; printing directly to wood:

mini table talker for adnams by majisign

“I’ve so much to do; signs for outside, I need to promote our specials menu and then there are all of the on-table things we need…” 

We like to reassure business owners, managers and promotors. There are so many things to get sorted prior to opening or relaunching. A quick chat to Majisign and those 20 things become 1.

Browsing a majisign brochure or clicking though the website is certainly useful, especially if you need a stock item that needs a little bit of personalisation. For high volume and bespoke products, we always welcome a chat, since it’s best if we can learn more about what you’re trying to achieve. After 15 years of manufacturing wooden display products, signs and printed products, we continue to be amazed by the great ideas that our customers have.

“I struggled last time and had to replace lots of products after a short time. They didn’t wear very well”.

Pickup a Majisign product and you’ll see they’re made to last. Physically assessing products is always out of reach in our e-commerce approach and when we’re at a trade show, the products speak for themselves. People are most impressed with the weighty nature of A-boards. They need to be of a weight that means they are less likely to blow away but often need to be portable, too. The metal hardware is high quality and the finishes that we apply, suitable for our weather. We even put rubber feet on the bottom of pavement sign legs to avoid them rotting out when exposed to rain. But it doesn’t stop there- we print onto a thin vinyl for posters since this makes them weatherproof. Just hang them up or place into a snap frame and they’ll last a long time. 

It’s these details that make running a business easier. Smart displays are often the first thing customers will see and they need to make a great first impression. We also want to ensure that you spend your budget wisely and that what you buy will last, whilst looking great.

And for every request, we’ll do our very best to create a product that fits your needs. Below, a picture of a custom commission; a totally bespoke creation for a milestone birthday gift! We worked to design the perfect base and stand, whilst the component pickguard and switch provided by the customer. The engraving was designed and engraved by laser, then hand-finished in white enamel.

bespoke les paul guitar scratchplate engravining gift