10 Majisign Services for Pavement Signs to Boost Your Business Visibility

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Looking to enhance your business visibility? Majisign has you covered. As a leading provider of high-quality signage solutions, Majisign offers an impressive range of products, including eye-catching pavement signs that are sure to grab attention. With our free design service, you can customise your pavement sign to perfectly reflect your brand and attract potential customers.

Scroll down to learn about our top 10 services to use for the perfect pavement sign to elevate your marketing efforts!

1 – Use Majisign’s free design service

To use Majisign’s free design service, you can simply select the product option that best fits your needs. Whether you want a plain pavement sign, a fully printed chalkboard, or a double-sided insert, we offer a range of options to suit your design preferences.

We offer a unique and valuable free design service that allows customers to create custom artwork for their pavement signs. This service sets us apart by providing tailored designs at no additional cost, ensuring that businesses can effectively showcase their brand and promotions.

From your teatime special to telling people about marmoset’s teeth, we are here to help you create the next greatest pavement sign. Below is the Rustic Reversible A-Board, with some excellent artwork from Twycross Zoo.

The process is simple: customers purchase thier products either by using majisign.co.uk, via email or over the phone. Once purchased, customers are invited to work with one of our graphic designers.

Printing options vary per product, however our handy table shows you what options are available – as well as the description on each product page. If you can’t see an option that meets your needs, please contact us, as it’s likely you’ll need a bespoke quote.

Product optionWhat this product option means
PlainWe won’t print anything on the top of the pavement sign nor the chalkboards or on any face.
HeadedWe’ll ask you about your logo and/or lettering to include at the top of the pavement sign.
Fully printed / PrintedThe included chalkboards or if fixed, the face of the pavement sign can be printed from top to bottom, much like a poster. This doesn’t mean you must fill all of the space, rather, you have this option. You may choose a message at the top and maybe come footer information (leaving the middle section plain). The choice is yours!
Double sidedApplies to pavement sign inserts. Each insert shall be printed both sides – i.e. 4 prints in total.
Single sidedEach insert shall be printed on just one side (i.e. 2 prints)
Printed One SideApplies to fixed-face pavements signs. Printed one side, with the other side of the sign plain.
Printed Both SidesApplies to fixed-face pavement signs – printed both sides.
Engraving (Emblem A-Board)The Emblem A-Board has an engraved header and has a free design service. It is similar to the Headed option, but rather than printed, your header is laser engraved.
Majisign’s product options for personalisation

There are some products that are only available with a fully printed option. For example, the Barista Pavement Sign can only accept a full-print each side. This may include just your logo, or you may wish for each side to be completely printed with your own graphics.

For those unfamiliar with creating artwork for signage, we also provide an informative artwork guide, offering insights into the process. This resource further enhances the value of the free design service by empowering customers with knowledge and guidance throughout the process.

2 – QR Codes for Interactive Experiences

Integrating QR codes into your pavement sign can revolutionise the way you engage with your customers. By leveraging this technology, businesses can offer a more interactive and dynamic experience to passersby. If you have a web address in mind, work with our designers to create a QR code specifically for your pavement sign.

QR printing direct to wood

The Majisign Design Team can create a QR code for you. Simply supply them with the web address to use and they’ll add it to your product print.

personalised printed boxes QR codes

Here’s how using QR codes on your pavement sign can elevate customer engagement:

  1. Quick Access: Customers can swiftly access online resources, such as menus, catalogues, or additional product information by scanning the QR code displayed on the pavement sign. This instant access provides convenience and encourages further exploration of your offerings.
  2. Exclusive Deals: Utilise QR codes to offer exclusive promotions or discounts to customers who scan the code. This strategy not only incentivises potential buyers but also creates a sense of exclusivity, driving foot traffic and sales.
  3. Enhanced Engagement: Through interactive experiences like games, quizzes, or surveys linked to the QR code, businesses can captivate their audience while gathering valuable insights about customer preferences and behaviours.
  4. Data Analytics: By tracking scans of the QR codes, businesses gain valuable data on customer engagement levels and popular content accessed through these codes. This helps in refining marketing strategies and tailoring offerings based on consumer interests.
  5. Cost-effective Marketing Tool: Implementing QR codes is a cost-effective way to enhance marketing efforts without significant investment in physical materials or traditional advertising channels.

3 – Use waterproof and eco-friendly posters in your snap frames

Highlight your offers and services in a visually appealing and attention-grabbing way. One effective way to achieve this is by using vibrant colours and bold fonts, which can immediately draw the eye of passersby. Many pavement signs use a snap frame to hold posters. But what use is a poster when it gets wet? We published an article some ago about the benefits of using PVC as a poster material. Our ‘create your own poster’ product and any poster offered with a pavement sign are manufactured using PVC.

premium black wooden a boards 3

Premium Black A-Board

The premium black A-Board uses a snap frame on each side of the pavement sign. Simply open the snap frame and place your poster inside.

We’ve also invested in the latest ink technology that meets many green standards. This means we can print recylable posters that can be handled just like the rest of your recyclable products. You can read more about our eco-ink use in the article Eco Friendly Poster Printing.

Utilising our free design service provides businesses with the opportunity to craft unique and captivating pavement sign displays without incurring additional costs for design work.

4 – Implement Seasonal Themes and Limited Time Events to Stay Relevant

Pavement signs are an excellent tool to advertise time-sensitive promotions or events, creating a sense of urgency among potential customers. These signs effectively drive sales by promoting limited-time offers, enticing individuals to take immediate action and make purchases.

Our fixed-face chalkboard pavement signs can be altered throughout the year as you need. This method works well for customers that have or can find, artistic talents. We know that incorporating seasonal themes into your pavement sign can significantly enhance its impact and relevance. By tailoring your signage to match seasonal trends, holidays or the time of day, you can capture the attention of passersby and create a strong sense of connection with current events.

For some customers, it isn’t possible to use chalkboards within the pavement signs. This often occurs when it’s important to stay on brand and rely on the use of printed graphics. In this situation we recommend the use of pavement signs with inserts or pavement signs with snap frames that use posters. Inserts, as the name suggests, can be removed as changed as needed. Simply order your pavement sign with removable inserts. These are known as reversible A-Boards – as it’s easy to reverse the inserts to show different messages.

Above- “Lift out, rotate, replace”. Reversible A-Boards accomodate removal printed inserts or chalkboards.

rustic reversible wooden a boards

An alternative is to opt for a pavement sign that uses snap frames on each face. These products allow the use of posters that can be easily switched throughout the year. Don’t forget to use waterproof posters to avoid wrinkles and damage from condensation!

5 – Use our bespoke services for your unique pavement signs

We offer a wide range of popular pavement signs on our website. Some of our customers are in need of a pavement sign that is completely unique to them and they struggle to find a manufacturer. The good news is that Majisign can assist.

When your idea is similar to an existing product but includes some changes, we can usually provide a quote free of charge. So if you’d like a different size, colour, use different wood or need to meet a budget but are unsure about how to get there, our team can help.

This is what happens when the British St. Food Awards asked for a winner’s trophy – in gold! You really can ask us for anything sign-related.

For ideas that don’t resemble any of our existing products, we can usually provide a lot of information to you at the outset. This may include prototype renders, consultation and iterations of ideas. Generally we’d ask for a budget that covers the costs of the materials used during the prototyping builds.

We beleive that this offer is unique. We won’t ask you to fund a project upfront.

Our Gallery page shows you some of the unique products we’ve made for some of our customers – here is just a sample

6 – Right-size your Pavement Sign and Direct Foot Traffic with Strategic Placement

Pavement signs are an effective way to capture the attention of passersby and guide them towards your business. By strategically placing these signs in high traffic areas such as high streets, forecourts, or delivery locations, you can significantly increase visibility and foot traffic to your storefront.

Majisign offers pavement signs in ISO-standard sizes, as well as in a variety of useful sizes, such as the narrow pavement sign that is especially good where space may be limited.

standard brown pine reversible wooden a board 8

We find it useful to compare our pavement sign sizes to the height of a 6ft human… A0 is perfect for a large display, whilst our smaller boards at A2 are great when portability is important.

Councils often regulate outdoor advertising; however, pavement signs provide an opportunity for businesses to engage with customers without relying solely on digital or lit marketing.

For instance, consider a small cafe located on a bustling high street. Placing a pavement sign strategically at the corner can attract pedestrians passing by and encourage them to stop for coffee or snacks. In another scenario, a retail store situated near a busy garage forecourt can direct foot traffic towards its entrance using well-placed signage.

7 – Incorporate Your Brand’s Colours and Logo for Recognition

One of the most crucial aspects is to reinforce brand identity through consistent colours and logos. By incorporating familiar elements such as colours and printed graphics, businesses can significantly enhance brand recognition. This approach creates a cohesive brand image that resonates with customers and passersby.

Utilising your brand’s specific colours on a pavement sign not only reinforces your visual identity but also creates a strong association between the sign and your business. This helps in establishing a memorable presence within the local community. Moreover, by prominently displaying your logo on the sign, you ensure that potential customers easily recognise and connect with your business.

The style of the signage should align with your brand’s overall aesthetic, further reinforcing its recognisability. Whether it’s modern, vintage, or minimalist, maintaining consistency in style across all branding materials strengthens brand recall.

In addition to style considerations, ensuring an appropriate size for the pavement sign is essential for visibility and impact. A well-proportioned sign catches attention without overwhelming pedestrians or cluttering the sidewalk space.

Local councils often have guidelines regarding signage; hence it’s important to adhere to these regulations while customising pavement signs. By doing so, businesses can avoid any potential conflicts while maximising their outdoor advertising efforts within legal boundaries.

8 – Utilise Double-Sided Signs for Maximum Visibility

Opting for double-sided displays is a strategic move, especially for outdoor use. These sign boards are designed to capture attention from both directions, ensuring maximum exposure and visibility in high-traffic areas such as car parks or pedestrianised areas.

One of the key advantages of using double-sided pavement signs is their ability to attract attention from all angles. This feature makes them highly effective in crowded or bustling locations where foot traffic moves in multiple directions simultaneously. By utilising this type of signage, businesses can maximise their visibility and reach potential customers regardless of the direction they approach from.

Furthermore, these signs come in a variety of sizes, catering to different preferences and requirements. Whether it’s a compact size suitable for limited pavement space or a larger format designed for greater impact, there are options available to suit diverse business needs.

9 – Precise delivery to every location

Our customers range from sole traders to large UK companies, each with their own expectations on the delivery of thier products. Our standard service is much as you would expect – fast delivery using regular courier services. However, Majisign is also able to integrate with your existing supply chain and procurement systems for chains, group companies and those operating multiple sites. This means that whilst you can continue to use your internal systems, our team are able to integrate with those, to recieve orders and provide you with updates as needed, from single quantity orders to high volume.

Additionally, we are used to delivering to logistics hubs, distribution warehouses and working with supply chain companies that are managing all of your supply, as well as for pavement signs!

We provide this coordination as a value-added service. If you’re looking for pavement signs to arrive as single deliveries, multiple, boxed or boxed and on a pallet, or to include accurate consignment labelling for onward processing, we can assist.

For the British St. Food Awards, we delivered the trophies and certificates on-time for the finals. We’re proud to be trusted to deliver each time for the Awards, and to support the promotions surrounding the event. Here’s Richard Johnson talking about the awards and working with Majisign on Channel 4’s Sunday Brunch.

10 – Add Chalkboard Signs for Daily Updates

Chalkboards are a versatile and cost-effective tool for businesses to communicate daily messages, specials, or updates. By utilising chalkboard signs, businesses can easily adapt to changing circumstances and engage with customers in a dynamic way. There’s not just for pubs – consider the impact of handwritten signs. They may not be right for you, but often we find that having them on hand is a useful strategy.

Majisign offers a wide variety of chalkboard products, including pavement signs with chalkboards!

One of the key advantages of using chalkboard signs is the flexibility they offer. Unlike paper or printed signs, chalkboards allow businesses to make quick changes throughout the day. This means that in case of unexpected developments such as changes in weather or inventory, businesses can promptly update their messaging without having to print new materials.

Engaging Customers: Chalkboard signs provide an opportunity for businesses to capture attention and engage with customers through changing messages or specials. For example, a café can showcase its daily menu offerings or happy hour specials on a chalkboard sign, creating a sense of excitement and anticipation among patrons who look forward to discovering something new each day. We also love the use of a printed reserve sign that allows staff to add and remove the party’s name and time of arrival. These signs can also let your customer know that it’s fine to use the space until a set time, making the best use of your available space.

Remember that it’s possible to combine print with a chalkboard. For example, a printed header on a chalkboards looks great and also leaves ample room for a chalkpen handwritten message underneath.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I use Majisign’s free design service?

Simply purchase a product and choose the headed or fully printed option. Majisign’s free design service allows you to create custom pavement signs tailored to your brand and message. Simply provide your requirements after purchase, and our expert designers will craft a visually striking sign that effectively communicates your services and offers.

What are the benefits of using QR codes on pavement signs?

By incorporating QR codes into your pavement signs, you can offer interactive experiences to passers-by. This enables them to quickly access additional information about your products or services, boosting engagement, potentially driving more foot traffic to your business and maximising the technological investment you’ve made.

Why should I implement time-sensitive or seasonal themes on my pavement signs?

Utilising seasonal themes on your pavement signs helps keep your messaging relevant and fresh throughout the day or year. It captures attention and demonstrates that your business is in tune with current trends and events, making it more appealing to potential customers.

How can I maximise visibility with double-sided signs?

Double-sided signs significantly increase visibility as they capture attention from both directions of foot traffic. This ensures that potential customers approaching from either side have an opportunity to view your promotional messages or offers.

What are the advantages of leveraging chalkboard signs for daily updates?

Chalkboard signs provide a versatile solution for conveying daily updates or specials in a charming and rustic manner. They allow for quick changes, enabling you to showcase real-time information such as menu items, promotions, or event schedules easily.

How do you Assemble a Pavement Sign?

All of Majisign’s wooden display products are supplied fully assembled.