Magnetic Vehicle Signs: Maximizing Advertising Benefits

Magnetic vehicle sign

Our magnetic vehicle signs are used by a wide variety of businesses, ranging from transport and logistics companies through to sole traders and casual workers. We protoyped and tested this product with a local taxi company to get it just right before we offered it to everybody.

Some describe magnetic car signs as “the game-changer they’ve been seeking”. We’d offer a more refined view and simply call them a high-quality non-permanent sign that’s really handy… with the right custom design and easy application, these signs turn your vehicle into a mobile billboard, reaching potential customers wherever you go. Whether you’re a small business owner or an independent contractor, magnetic car and van signs offer a cost-effective way to boost brand visibility. Before we delve into the benefits of using magnetic car signs and explore why they are a must-have for any entrepreneur on wheels, here’s an opportunity to add a set straight into your basket! Our standard product is offered in A2, A3 and A4 sizes. If you need a custom shape, a specific size or would like to include reflective elements, please contact us to discuss further.

Magnetic Vehicle Sign

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Majisign’s Magnetic Vehicle Signs are an effective mobile advertising solution designed to enhance brand visibility on the road. These premium, durable, and weather-resistant magnetic signs are perfect for businesses seeking to promote their brand to pedestrians and motorists alike, effectively transforming vehicles into moving billboards. The signs are engineered to withstand high-speed conditions, making them…

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Benefits of Magnetic Vehicle Advertising

Increased Brand Visibility

Magnetic signs provide a simple yet effective way to increase brand visibility on the road, as they can be attached to any plain panel on your car or van, as long as your vehicle is made from steel. If your vehicle is made from aluminium, has plastic or other non-ferrous material, contact us to discuss the use of semi-permanent vinyl.

As vehicles move through different locations, they act as mobile billboards, exposing the business to a wider audience. Imagine a delivery van with a vibrant magnetic sign displaying the company logo and contact details; it’s essentially an eye-catching advertisement in motion.

The idea of confirmation is also important, especially for taxi operators. Whilst they are usually asked to display their operator’s name clearly on the vehicle, it is also immensely helpful for awaiting customers to confirm the identity of thier taxi.

Furthermore, when parked in high-traffic areas or at client sites, these signs continue to promote the business even when stationary. This continuous exposure helps reinforce brand recognition and can potentially lead to increased enquiries and sales.

Cost-Effective Solution

For small businesses looking for cost-effective advertising solutions, magnetic vehicle advertising offers an attractive option. Unlike traditional permanent vehicle wraps or paint jobs, magnetic signs are relatively affordable and can be reused across multiple vehicles if needed. This makes them ideal for businesses operating with limited marketing budgets but aiming for maximum impact.

Moreover, since these signs are durable and weather-resistant, they offer long-term value without recurring costs. They also allow businesses to tailor their advertising efforts based on specific promotions or seasonal campaigns without committing to permanent changes.

Easy Installation and Removal

One of the key advantages of using magnetic car signs is their ease of installation and removal without causing any damage to the vehicle’s surface*. These signs simply adhere securely to metal surfaces such as doors or tailgates, providing a hassle-free application process that doesn’t require professional assistance.

When it comes time to remove them—whether for maintenance or personal use—the process is quick and straightforward without leaving any residue behind. This flexibility allows businesses to switch between different signage options effortlessly while maintaining the integrity of their vehicles’ appearance.

*Please refer to our application guide for magentic signs before applying to your vehicle. Whilst they are easy to apply and remove, it is critical that you read this guide to avoid any possibility of causing damage.

Various Types of Magnetic Car Signs

Full & Partial Magnetic Car Signs

Full magnetic car signs cover a large surface of a vehicle, for example most of the side of a panel van, providing maximum visibility for advertising. These signs are ideal for businesses looking to make a bold statement and create a strong visual impact on the road. With their large size and prominent display, full magnetic car signs can effectively grab the attention of other drivers and pedestrians. For instance, a local pizza delivery service might use a full magnetic car sign to prominently display its logo, contact information, and an enticing image of a pizza to attract potential customers. Typically these signs are left in position for a long duration.

Partial Magnetic Car Signs, in contrast to full magnetic car signs, are the best selling form that Majisign sells. Partial magnetic car signs are smaller in size and can be placed on specific areas of the vehicle. This type offers more flexibility in terms of placement and is often used by businesses that want to maintain a sleek or minimalist look while still leveraging the benefits of mobile advertising. For example, a landscaping company may opt for partial magnetic car signs displaying its logo along with images of lush gardens or neatly trimmed lawns, yet during off-hours or when there are times for leisure, the sign can be removed.

Customising Your Magnetic Vehicle Sign

Design Options

When customising your magnetic car sign, you have the freedom to choose from a wide range of colours, fonts, and graphics. This allows you to create a design that truly represents your brand or business. Whether it’s bold and eye-catching or sleek and professional, the design options are virtually limitless. Majisign offers a free design service. This means that you work with one of our designers to create your sign. They’ll discuss colours and fonts, as well as company and service details, alongside images and graphics.

You can also incorporate your company logo and contact information into the design. This makes it easier for potential customers to recognise your brand and get in touch with you. By utilising these elements effectively, you can maximise the impact of your magnetic vehicle sign as a marketing tool.

Personalisation for Promotion

Another great feature of magnetic car signs is the ability to personalise them with promotional messages or special offers. This flexibility enables you to adapt your signage according to different marketing campaigns or seasonal promotions, helping you attract more attention from passersby. It’s straightfoward to add additional, often smaller signs, that are advertising a limited offer.

For taxi operators specifically, Majisign can work with operators who need to adhere to specific guidelines set by local councils regarding their signage compliance. This ensures that taxi operators meet all necessary requirements while still benefiting from the versatility of using magnetic signs on their vehicles.

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Adhesion and Vehicle Compatibility

Strong Adhesion

Magnetic car signs boast strong adhesion, ensuring they stay firmly in place even at high speeds. The magnetic force keeps the sign secure, preventing it from slipping or falling off while driving. This reliability gives drivers peace of mind, knowing their signage will remain intact throughout their journey.

These signs are designed to withstand various weather conditions, including wind and rain. They won’t easily detach from the vehicle surface, providing a durable advertising solution for businesses on the move. However, as previously mentioned, following the guidelines to ensure maximum adhesion is strongtly advised.

Vehicle Compatibility

Magnetic car signs are compatible with most metal surfaces found on vehicles, such as cars, vans, and trucks. Their versatility allows them to be applied to flat surfaces without any hassle. However, it’s essential to note that these signs are not suitable for non-metallic vehicles like those made of aluminium (or any non-ferrous material), fibreglass or plastic.

For commercial vehicles with metallic exteriors, these magnetic signs offer a convenient way to display business information without permanent alteration. Clients can easily remove and reapply the signage as needed without causing damage to their vehicles’ paintwork.

Tips for Choosing the Right Magnetic Sign

Consider Vehicle Space

When selecting a magnetic car sign, it’s crucial to measure your vehicle’s available space. Ensure that the sign size fits perfectly without obstructing any important elements like door handles or lights. A sign that is too large might look overwhelming, while one that is too small could be easily overlooked.

It’s essential to consider how much space you have on your vehicle before choosing a magnetic car sign. If you drive a smaller car, a large and flashy magnetic sign might not be suitable as it can overpower the vehicle’s appearance. On the other hand, if you have a spacious van or truck, opting for a larger magnetic sign with clear and bold text could make it more visible from afar.

Readability and Durability

Another important factor in choosing the right magnetic car sign is readability from various distances. The text and graphics on the sign should be clear and easy to read whether someone is up close or at a distance. This ensures that your message or contact details are effectively communicated to other drivers and pedestrians. Rest assured that our designers can make the changes needed.

Furthermore, we use weather-resistant materials when manufacturing your magnetic car signs to ensure durability in various conditions. Weather-resistant materials will prevent fading, warping, or damage due to exposure to sunlight, rain, snow, or extreme temperatures. We use high quality magnetic matterial, premium vinyl and the latest in UV-stable inks to make for a durable product.

Weather Resistance and Maintenance

Outdoor Durability

Magnetic car signs are built to endure various weather conditions, including rain and sun exposure. This durability makes them ideal for outdoor use, ensuring that your sign remains in top condition regardless of the elements it faces. The premium materials used in these signs are designed to withstand wind, rain, and prolonged sun exposure without fading or damage.

The magnetic car sign’s ability to resist weather-related wear and tear means that you can rely on its long-term effectiveness as an advertising tool. Unlike other signage options that may deteriorate over time when exposed to the elements, magnetic car signs maintain their quality and visibility even after prolonged outdoor use.

Maintenance Tips

To keep your magnetic car sign looking its best, regular maintenance is essential. Cleaning the sign with mild soap and water helps remove dirt, grime, and any other build-up from the surface. Storing the sign flat when not in use prevents warping or damage to its structure. Read our full guide on maintenance and usage.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of using magnetic car signs for advertising?

Magnetic car signs offer a cost-effective and versatile way to promote your business while on the move. They provide a professional look without the commitment of permanent vehicle decals, allowing you to easily switch between personal and promotional use. You can buy magenetic vehicle sign right here in our shop.

How do I customise my magnetic vehicle sign?

After you have ordered your sign, one of the Majisign team will contact you to design your artwork. You can customise your magnetic vehicle sign by incorporating your company’s logo, contact information, and any specific branding elements. Ensure that the design is eye-catching yet easy to read from a distance to maximise its impact as a mobile advertisement.

Are there any tips for choosing the right magnetic sign for my vehicle?

Consider factors such as size, shape, and colour contrast when selecting a magnetic sign for your vehicle. Ensure that it is compatible with the material of your car’s surface to guarantee proper adhesion without causing damage or leaving residue upon removal. We offer a standard sign in A2, A3 and A4, however if you have any special requirements, please contact us for a quote.

How weather-resistant are magnetic car signs? What maintenance do they require?

High-quality magnetic car signs are designed to withstand various weather conditions. To maintain their effectiveness, regularly clean both the magnet and the surface area where it will be applied. This simple upkeep helps prevent dirt build-up and ensures optimal adhesion over time.

Can I order personalised magnetic car signs online? What about shipping information?

Yes, many we offer customised options for ordering magnetic car signs online. When placing an order, be sure to check shipping details including delivery timescales and costs based on your location. Generally, once your sign has been deisgned and you agree with the artwork, the printing and dispatch will happy quickly – we will dispatch the sign using a courier. We can deliver all over the UK.