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Quality affordable chalkboards

Majisign chalkboards are made from high-grade MDF finished in our beautiful inky-black chalkboard finish. With UV stable pigments and multiple finishing processes they’re designed for easy cleaning, smooth looks and durability.

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Straight-edged or bevelled

Precisely manufacturered to fit into your space, choose from belvelled or straight-edged chalkboards.

Rectangles, ovals & custom shapes

Choose from our selection of popular shapes or let us create a custom chalkboard for your unique needs.

Add design to your chalkboard

You don’t need to be an artist to get what you need. Use our free design services.

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chalkboard uk kitchen

Chalkboards for kitchens

We offer a stunning selection of chalkboards in all standard ISO sizes, ensuring a perfect fit for your space. But that’s not all! Do you crave something truly extraordinary? Majisign specialises in crafting bespoke chalkboards in any shape you can imagine! From whimsical clouds to geometric patterns, we can transform your vision into a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

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Chalkboards in pavement signs

£194.25£386.71 ex. VAT
£142.00£170.00 ex. VAT
£121.20£142.60 ex. VAT
buffet plinth with chalkboard shapes of animals

Chalkboards for signs

Majisign specialises in crafting bespoke chalkboards in any shape you can dream up! And yes, that includes your favorite furry, feathered, or finned friends! Imagine a playful chalkboard shaped like a majestic lion for your safari-themed nursery, a charming cat-shaped board for your cozy coffee shop, or a vibrant fish outline for your seaside restaurant. The possibilities are endless!

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Chalkboards on table tops

£7.30£44.70 ex. VAT
£9.24£35.88 ex. VAT
£8.93£122.29 ex. VAT
£10.29£26.78 ex. VAT
reversible 4mm chalkboard inserts 2

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We use chalkboards in a wide variety of our products, from pavement signs to frames to small tags.

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Chalkboards on Walls

£42.43£109.36 ex. VAT
£42.30£70.60 ex. VAT
£16.07£190.37 ex. VAT

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