Majisign Pavement Signs vs. #1 Best Selling on Amazon: A Complete Buying Guide

pavement signs by majisign

Today I compare 2 Majisign A-Boards to a leading top seller on Amazon.

Are you looking to make a statement with your pavement sign? The Majisign Standard A-Board pavement sign is a popular traditional-style freestanding A-Board, whilst the Lightweight Reusable is the most cost-effective sign on sale. Today I compare it to and the best-selling option on Amazon. You may have questions such as “are cheaper materials worth it?” or “is a standard design sufficient for my needs?”. Most importantly, does a cheap sign fit in with your brand’s image and values? These are crucial questions that will guide you in making the right choice for your business. I’ll delve into these aspects to help you navigate through the options and find the perfect fit for your specific requirements.

If you’re interested in the absolute best value for money, please consider the Majisign Lightweight A-Board. Whilst differing in style and construction to the Standard pavement sign and Oypla offering, it is Majisign’s most economical A-Board pavement sign.

Here we explore the different A-Board products that take on different styles and use different materials than you may find in a traditional wooden A-Board/sandwich board.

I am comparing 3 products side by side. In overall dimensions, the Majisign Standard A-Board (small size) has a height of 33″ (850mm) and a width of 20″ (500mm). The Oypla is 31” (800mm) in height by 15 3/4” (400mm) width. The Lightweight Board measures 29 1/2” by 16 1/2” (750mm x 420mm)

The Majisign Lightweight Pavement Sign retails for £90.30, the Majisign Standard A-Board for £119.70 and the Oypla for £29.99. With £90 difference across the group I shall explain the difference so that you can make an informed decision. First, we shall have a look at the specifications and features.

The approximate chalkboard sizes or writable surface area are:

  • H 22 1/2″ (570mm) x W 16″ (410mm) for the Majisign A-Board
  • H 22” (560mm) x 14” (360mm) by for the Oypla
  • H 23 1/4” x 16 1/2” (594mm x 420mm) for the Lightweight A-Board

When I read the dimensions, there didn’t seem to be much of a difference in the size. However, when calculated, for the purposes of comparison, the Oypla is 25% smaller than the Majisign Standard board in form and 14% smaller in writable area. The difference in writing area is because the thickness of the timber is far less on the Oypla. The Majisign Lightweight Pavement Sign offers a frameless design, since the faces are fixed in front of the frame, making for a 1.6% less overall size, but delivering a 20% display size increase over the Oypla.

Lightweight Reusable A Board

£69.59£140.72 ex. VAT

Standard Wooden A-Boards

£99.75£282.83 ex. VAT

Specifications and Features

Majisign Standard Wooden A-Board

The Majisign Standard Wooden Pavement Sign is available to buy in custom or ISO sizes. Typically you’ll see them advertised as small, standard, and large sizes or similar products in thier range use ISO A-sizes (e.g. A0 to A3 for pavement signs) They are made of FSC-certified redwood pine softwood and have fixed chalkboards on each side. They use four rubber feet attached to each leg of the frame.

Generally, the heavier the A-Board or pavement sign is, the better the components used. This applies to timber, the chalkboard and any metal hardware used, such as the hinges and stay (to keep the A-Board open). The small version of the Majisign A-Board weighs 8KG.

The chalkboard on the Majisign Standard Wooden A-Board is fixed and cannot be removed. However, they are weatherproof, using Majisign’s smooth chalkboard painted finish, on an exterior grade MDF board. The board can be folded away for easy storage when not in use.

Oypla Wooden Chalkboard Blackboard Pavement Display Sign A-Board

On Amazon’s best-selling list is the Oypla Wooden Chalkboard Blackboard Pavement Display Sign A-Board which offers dimensions of 80 x 40cm and weighs just 3KG. This product features waterproof varnished pine wood construction with brass hinges and foot protectors.

The chalkboard uses a hardboard for its base and finished in a blackboard coating.

Majisign Lightweight A-Board

The cost-effective Lightweight Reusable Pavement Sign is available in ISO A-sizes from A1 to A3. I am comparing the A2 size today, as it is most comparable to the other 2 products. Overall the product weighs just 3.31KG. It is finished in black, and uses an ACM panel chalkboard surface, for liquid chalk pens only. Whilst the frame is made from the same redwood pine of the Standard A-Board, the change from an exterior MDF chalkboard base to an aluminium metal-faced surface brings down the weight and increases durability massively over the other two.

Price and Value for Money

With £90 price difference, it’s clear the quality of materials are far superior in the Majisign product. It’s up to the buyer to decide if this is value for money, however. There are satisfied customers for both products, so I shall guide you through each product to see if you can decide on which is better for your application.

The materials used directly affect the durability of these signs. Whilst all will last a long time if treated correctly, the materials are more important in an outside environment, especially during the UK winters.

Majisign Standard Wooden A-Boards

The small version of the Majsign Standard Pavement Sign A-board is priced at £119 and is available in standard, medium and large sizes, too. The frame construction of the boards use FSC-certified redwood pine timber, fixed using a combination of mitre and butt joints, and finished in a pine stain varnish, suitable for outdoor use. The chalkboards are made from exterior-grade MDF and finished with multiple coats of Majisign’s black chalkboard finish, denibbed for a perfectly smooth finish. The frames are hinged using exterior-grade steel components. The rubber feet ensure that rainwater can run off, minimising exposure to sitting water.

The standard wooden A-boards come in different sizes, allowing businesses to choose the option that best suits their advertising needs and budget constraints. The use of sustainable redwood pine timber enhances the aesthetic appeal while also contributing to environmental sustainability.

These pavement signs offer weatherproof capabilities but may be affected by strong winds (above 35mph) or adverse weather conditions; however, they can be folded away for easy storage when not in use. Furthermore, customization options such as plain, headed or printed variations provide flexibility for businesses looking to create a unique advertising display.

Oypla Wooden Chalkboard Blackboard Pavement Display Sign A-Board

On Amazon’s best-selling list is the Oypla Wooden Chalkboard Blackboard Pavement Display Sign A-Board. This product features varnished pine wood butt-joint construction with brass hinges and foot protectors.

The hinges are made from brass, whilst the chalkboard is made from hardboard.

In terms of value for money, this product stands out due to its affordable price point while still delivering essential features required for effective outdoor advertising displays.

Due to its light weight, the Oypla pavement sign would typically blow away in a 20 mph wind, without additional weights being placed to anchor it.

Majisign Lightweight A-Board

For £90, the Lightweight Pavement Sign has a lot to offer. The ACM boards are incredibly tough, using a metal face for both sides. They won’t rust and are very strong. Combined with a sturdy, well made and finished underlying pine frame, this product feels the best of all worlds; a large writable surface, light weight and increased durability this product wins on many of the criteria. It still suffers from the same laws of physics that the Oypla does, however. There is just no way to anchor a lightweight A-Board without additional fastenings or weight.

unordinary barista sign 1

Weight and Portability

Majisign Standard Wooden Pavement Sign

The Standard Wooden A-Boards are available in three sizes: Small, Standard, and Large. The weights of these boards vary from 8kg for the Small size to 22kg for the Large size. They are crafted using sustainable redwood pine timber, making them durable but relatively heavy.

The standard wooden A-boards offer a weatherproof feature but may be affected by strong winds or adverse weather conditions due to their weight. However, they can be folded away for easy and neat storage when not in use. The double-sided design provides increased advertising space.

Oypla Wooden Chalkboard Blackboard Pavement Display Sign A-Board

In contrast, the Oypla Wooden Pavement Sign A-Board weighs only 3kg, making it significantly lighter and arguably more portable than the Standard Wooden A-Board. This lightweight characteristic may offer an advantage.

Majsign Lightweight Pavement Sign

Just slightly heavier than the Oypla, the Lightweight pavement sign weighs in at 3.3kg, matching any positives over portability.

Weather Resistance

Whilst all products will move or blow away in a storm, how can you choose between the three? It’s a matter of longevity of the wood and metal components, as well as the chalkboard finish.

Majisign Standard Wooden A-Board

The finish to the redwood pine is far superior – completely smooth (without splinters) and generously coated. The chalkboard finish as proven durability within the hospitality industry. Combining this with an exterior-grade MDF, makes for a strong product. The galvanised components are suitable for an exterior environment.

Oypla Wooden Chalkboard Blackboard Pavement Display Sign A-Board

The Oypla Wooden Chalkboard says it is suitable for indoor and outdoor advertising. I would add a caveat, based upon the product reviews. Due to the hardboard used for the chalkboard, it would be wise to only use this A-Board in dry conditions, avoiding any rain or early-morning dew. Rather subjectively, reviews highlight splintering wood – if common, this would allow water to bypass the varnish coating and cause it to rot, mould or be unsightly.

Majisign Lightweight Reusable A-Board

The key to this product is the removal of the painted chalkboard. Using ACM makes only liquid chalk pen viable, however the finish itself will always be more durable than chalkboard – the ACM is strong aluminium composite offers a lightweight solution, being a metal and composite. Whilst it shares the same wooden frame construction as the Standard A-Board, the black painted finish effectively seals the timber, making this product the most durable.

example of water in laminate poster

Design and Customisation Options

Majisign Standard Wooden A-Boards & Lightweight Pavement Sign

Lightweight & Standard Wooden A-Boards are available in a variety of sizes and can be headed (i.e. a logo and words across the top) or fully-printed. These options provide businesses with the flexibility to tailor their signage according to their specific needs and branding requirements. Whilst there is a small additional cost, the design service is completely free. Unfortunately the Oypla does not offer any form of personalisation service. The good news is that if you buy it, Majisign can create a vinyl header for you, if you can us.

Oypla’s Wooden Chalkboard Pavement Sign A-Board offers a more simplified approach without extensive customization options. The focus is on providing a chalkboard A-Board for effective advertising in various settings, at a budget price. Nevertheless, consider the Lightweight A-Board a viable solution, based on increased durability.

Feature & specification comparison table

SpecificationMajisign Standard Wooden A-BoardOypla Wooden Chalkboard Pavement Sign A-BoardMajisign Lightweight Reusable A-Board
Dimensions85 x 50cm80 x 40cm75 x 42cm
Frame MaterialFSC certified Sustainable Redwood Pine TimberPine Wood ConstructionFSC certified Sustainable Redwood Pine Timber
Chalkboard TypeExterior-grade MDF, coated all sides.Hardboard, coated one-sideACM (aluminium composite), in black
Suitable forIndoor or outdoor useIndoor and outdoor (dry conditions only)Indoor or outdoor use
Customization OptionsPlain, Headed, PrintedN/APlain, Headed, Printed
Advertising SpaceDouble-sidedDouble-sidedDouble-sided

Buying Guide

The pavement sign market offers a wide variety of solutions within a wide cost band. The key factor in purchase price is the quality of materials used. The Majisign Standard A-Board is no doubt durable and weighty, since it uses the best materials available, constructed and finished to a high standard. The Oypla A-Board is provided at a far cheaper price, but the materials used are far cheaper and constructed in the most economic way possible. The Lightweight pavement sign strikes a great balance of cost, whilst offering the very best durability.

For those seeking a budget choice where finish and longevity are less important, the Oypla may be ideal. The opposite is also true – for a high quality option, the Majisign A-Boards are the right choice.

Whilst the Oypla does the job, I am concerned about the Amazon reviews of poor finish. Whilst we know cost is important, so to is a minimum standard of finish. Splintering and poor quality-assurance may be a deal-breaker for some customers (although potentially these types of issue can be resolved and they could have just been rare exceptions). Equally important is the use of hardboard. The material is definitely not meant for use where moisture is present If your needs require moisture resistance, the Majisign alternatives of finished exterior-MDF or ACM are going to increase durability.

Whilst not specified, the Oypla’s description doesn’t offer any validation of the source(s) of timber. This may be an important criteria to meet, especially if you and your customers are looking to meet sustainability goals. The Majisign A-Boards use FSC certified timber.

FSC chain of custody certification verifies that FSC-certified material has been identified and separated from non-certified and uncontrolled material as it makes its way along the supply chain, from the forest to the market.

FSC Supply Chain Integrity
museum print on a pavement sign

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Oypla Wooden Chalkboard Blackboard Pavement Display Sign A-Board suitable for outdoor use?

Whilst the description says yes, we would urge you to only position it outside on dry days and after the morning dew has disappeared, or better yet check this with the seller. Whilst it may survive the odd rain shower, the hardboard chalkboard material is a problem. Subjectively and as found in the reviews, we would urge caution if the varnish has failed or splintering is apparent. If you require a solution for persistent outdoor use, the Majisign products are better suited.

Can I customise the Majisign Standard and Lightweight A-Boards?

Absolutely! The Standard Wooden A-Boards and Lightweight Reusable Pavement Sign offer customisation options including plain, headed, or printed designs to suit your specific advertising needs. This flexibility allows you to tailor the boards to your brand’s aesthetic and messaging.

Which size options are available for the Standard Wooden A-Boards?

The Standard Wooden A-Boards come in three size options: Small, Standard, and Large. This variety ensures that you can choose the dimensions that best fit your space and visibility requirements. The Lightweight A-Board is sold in ISO sizes of A1, A2 and A3.

What type of chalk can be used on these pavement signs?

You have the choice of using standard chalk or liquid chalk pens on both sides of the Oypla and Standard signs. the Lightweight board uses an ACM board (the finish is much like a white board) and can only be used with liquid chalk pens.